Thursday 13 June 2024

Projects using the 2014 Clarity Club Stamps

 I decided to bring together all the projects I have completed so far using the Clarity New Design Club stamps from 2014.  I have used 7/12 of the designs so far, some multiple times as you will see.  Links to the projects are below each photo.

Stamp #87 came out a month before I first joined the club, but I later bought it made this card (see HERE).
February 2014 (#88) and the first stamp I ever received but one of my more recent makes (see HERE).
The Edelweiss from March (#89) has been used several times (see HERE),
and HERE.
The tree from April (#90) was used on an art journal page (see HERE).
The pocket from May (#91) has been used multiple times from an art journal page (see HERE),
to multiple tags (see HERE),
and HERE.
I used June's stamp (#92) to create a logo for an orchestra in Canada (see HERE).
and on an Artists Trading Coin which later became part of a tag (see HERE).
I haven't used July-September's stamps yet but recently used October's (#96) to create this card following the techniques used by Barbara Gray on her project sheet (see HERE).

I am sure that I will use the remaining stamps from 2014 at some point, especially when I eventually retire.

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