Wednesday 26 June 2024

WOYWW 786/6: Still Busy

 Welcome to the weekly desk share blog link that is WOYWW.  Hosted by Julia for 15 years who then passed the baton to me.  Thanks for joining in.

My desk actually has something of interest on it - the puffin picture that I created at Tilly Tea Dance's workshop on Saturday.  I also had a quick catch up with Jo (Twiglet) who was dropping off the memory cushions that Annie (Whipso) had made for me.  They are wonderful - thank you.
I also treated myself to a fabulous piece of artwork by Tilly Tea Dance herself which now hangs in the living room.

The concert in Lichfield the same evening went well.  Sunday was a quiet day of crafting and memories.

My reports are complete but it is still very busy at work even though today is the halfway point of the term.  11 more working days to cram everything in.  Stay safe everyone and Happy WOYWW.


Helen said...

Happy WOYWW ! the puffin picture you created - and the one by Max - are beautiful.. Take care and roll on the end of term! Helen #1

Neet said...

What a beautiful picture you made with the puffin sat there and what a gorgeous big one you bought yourself. That sky!
Glad the weekend went well for you, that's another one for you to have got through with the aid of family and friends. Lots of people are thinking of you, especially at these times.
Love the purple collages, so glad that despite all the report writing, tying up of loose ends at school you are managing to continue with them.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Twiglet said...

It was lovely to see you Sarah and have a quick catch up. . What a great job you made of your puffin pic and I'm sure that gorgeous bright Tilly pic will make you smile every time you see it. Thank you for supporting my little lass- you are a treasure x x Jo

Annie said...

Your puffin pic is fab....I'm glad you were pleased with your cushions.
I'm sure it was a difficult weekend but you got through it my friend. Keep smiling.
Annie x

BJ said...

So hot woke and put the big fan on and only remembered WOYWW as I saw you'd commented already. Oh my! Love your memories, and I bet the memory cushions are superb, so special and your little puffin is precious too, what a lovely day. Hugs BJ#7

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving the puffin pics, bet that was a great day. This term always seemed to drag for a while, probably because of the reports and then sudenly it was over. Not too long to go. Have a great woyww. Hugs Angela x9x

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Sarah! The puffin pictures are both beautiful. Your collages are great, loving the purple colour. Sending love and hugs, Angela # 10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You’re doing so well in keeping yourself busy over what must have been a very tough week for you xx The felted pics are fab, so glad you enjoyed the workshop, puffins are my favourite bird. Great collages as well,.
Hugs LLJ 6 xx

Lisa-Jane Johnson said...

Oh well done on your puffin picture! It's glorious! My MIL loves puffins and used to collect items with them on so I might have my eye on one of Tilly's pieces for her! I was thinking of you at the weekend xx I'm not sure what age you teach but I'm assuing you must be in a prvae school maybe to be finishing soon? We live next door but one to a junior school and we've heard the tannoy going non stop recently - two sports days, practising for the summer fayre & then the fayre, phew!! Have a fun week! Lisa-Jane #11

Lynnecrafts said...

Your puffins are lovely and I’m glad your concert went well. I’m having real difficulties accessing blogs to comment today, sorry. I think I only got onto yours Sarah as I’d opened it yesterday in Giverny, getting confused about Tuesday/ Wednesday. So sorry everyone, I’ll be very late commenting this week. Xx
Lynnecrafts 8 xx

Lindart said...

HI Sarah! Well done on the Puffin picture! Just as nice as the one you bought! Lovely collages as usual this week, I can see some sentiment and remembering in them. I like the last one best. A great way to look at things!
Have a wonderful week, Lindart #13

Susan Renshaw said...

Super puffin pictures! Love the collages and the poignant sentiments. Hugs, Susan #4