Sunday 17 July 2022

Daily Journal Pages: Over Half Way

 The year is now more than half over and I have started on my 4th 6" x 6" kraft scrapbook on my daily journal journey.  Apart from the first page, I have started working in batches of four.  As always, every page is finished using one of the Clarity words stickers - there are four books of stickers available.

I started with some of my new Tim Holtz collage squares and a Clarity die cut.

Followed by some of the Studiolight Just Lou Exploration die cuts.

And the Jenine's Mindful Art Collection papers and die cuts.

The background for these pages is a paper mat which I picked up ina Hungarian restaurant when we visited Roumania before the pandemic.

The start of a run of 4 pages using Just Lou's Flight die cuts from Studiolight.

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