Tuesday 1 June 2021

Drawing A Day Latest!

I have really got into a routine with my #drawingaday after five months.  This is the longest that I have ever managed to keep up a new year's resolution.

Having previously drawn sailing ships I decided to go for a different kind for this prompt.

A quick and easy response to an obvious prompt.
Not such an easy one to interpret.
Wonky wheels and a bumpy tide methinks!
A fitting prompt for a work day.
I am more likely to be using the last set than the first two.
Thanks to inspiration from Brandi Bruggman (see HERE).
Another quick and easy response on a busy work day.
I copied an image seen online (see HERE).
Another quick sketch as it was on a work day.
The weather has been so changeable this month.
Another easy prompt to respond to.
How my brain feels on the first day of the half term holiday lol.
I decided to go with the sense of taste.

I used a tutorial to help me with this one (see HERE).

1 comment:

Deborah Wheeler said...

so clever - love your creativity!