Wednesday 16 June 2021

WOYWW 628: Only Four More Wednesdays

 The Wednesdays seem to be flying by - not a bad thing as the summer holidays approach and there are only four more after today.  So welcome to the weekly desk share and my contribution to the weekly WOYWW blog hop via Stamping Ground, Thanks to our host Julia!

My desk has a small change this week as my latest creation from Tilly Tea Dance has arrived to join the other five.  Another beautiful piece which was irresistable.  I am still drawing every day.  Here are the latest...

On the other side of the desk, Eva popped over for a day's crafting yesterday as it was the quieter week of her two week timetable.
I have passed on all your greetings and best wishes.  I'll be round to visit tomorrow as I have a Twighlight session after work tonight.  Stay safe and happy WOYWW.


Helen said...

Great to see Eva this week, and roll on your summer holiday break! I am quite envious! Fab latest purchase from Tilly. Helen #2

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That's a gorgeous felted beauty you got to go with your others. Your drawings are amazing. Most impressive. I'm waving to Eva, too. Happy WOYWW from # 4.

Neet said...

Wow, what a lovely set of pictures from Tilly Tea Dance you must have now. The latest is stunning.
As always fab drawings, I admire the way you think outside the box with the words being illustrated.
Good news about the boys and the vaccines and great to see Eva once more.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Lovely little creation from Tilly Tea Dance glad to see it today, just like your daily sketches.. keep up the great work Sarah.
Happy WoywW Tracey #9

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Never noticed before Sarah how red your room is, or have you changed the decor. I must confess I don’t take much nite of some things, glad Eva could come craft, it is great fun. Your drawings are very interesting too. Love the policewoman hat with special next to it.
Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The term twilight session always used to make me laugh when I worked in school - kept expecting Robert pattinson and the other vampires to appear, lol! Eva is looking great, it’s a lovely cool crafting area you have there!
HUgs LLJ 6 xx

Spyder said...

drawing as ever quite, thought provoking....! Like the special this week and the view!Have a great crafty week, stay safe. Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#19

Diana Taylor said...

That is such a gorgeous little picture from Tilly Tea Dance, a lovely addition to your collection. I am enjoying your take on the words, and it's nice to see Eva again.
Hope you have a great week,
Diana xx #17

Twiglet said...

I think that Tilly Tea Dance pic is one of my favourites - I just love the colours and textures. Thanks for sharing it with everyone Sarah. Your room looks so beautifully set up and organised - I bet Eva enjoyed crafting with you. xx Jo

Crafting With Jack said...

Tilly’s pictures are fabulous. Lovely to have Eva visit and craft with you. Not long now till summer break Angela #18

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Another group of lovely drawings, you are very good with a variety of ideas. Loving your Tilly Tea purchase also. She does beautiful work. Enjoy a great week

StampinCarol said...

Hello, Eva!
Again, great drawings.
Love the pictures from Tilly Tea Dance!
Have a great week!
Carol N #27

Stacy Sheldon said...

Such a pretty addition to your collection of art Sarah :) Love the sketches and how happy Eva looks too. ~Stacy #29

Felicia said...

Sarah, I remain envious of your felted pieces from Max, but it looks like you have forced my hand and I will have to acquire some of her pieces to go with the ATC Jo sent me for the 12th Anniversary!! It's gorge too and now I need a "theme wall!" LOL Thanks for the enabling! LOLOL Eva looks great and hope she is on the up and up! Love the drawings this week and the Micky D's as we call it here in the states, is too cute! LOL Blessings for the rest of your week! Felicia #26

Kathryn Frantz said...

Good to see Eva and the beautiful weather there. How enjoyable.

Four more do really deserve a break and a medal! (for keeping on, keeping on!)

Stay well

Happy Wednesday!

Kathryn #33

Heather M said...

Hi Sarah, and hello Eva! Your collection of Tilly Tea Dance is growing nicely! Great pics - love the 'Special' - I've another 6 weeks before I get some time off - another wait! Glad to hear yours is on the horizon - I'm sure you're ready for it! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #28

Shoshi said...

Lovely new felted picture, Sarah, and a great new collection of drawings, too. Roll on the summer holidays, and I hope the weather stays nice for you!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #8

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Sarah nice to see you having some Crafty fun. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x14x

Lillianb said...

Love the new picture, and all your drawing, Love the view. I could almost be sat there looking out at the sailing boat and thinking about the time I went sailing in Canada

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #23

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your return visit, Sarah, and for all your good wishes. The clearing is going fine - I was going to have a session this afternoon but was far too tired even to start, so I had a sleep instead! Yesterday probably took more out of me than I realised. Lily and Ruby say "meow" back! They've been playing in the garden all afternoon and now, having had their tea, they are crashed out on our respective laps.

Shoshi x #8

roffeycreations said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for popping by - Love seeing your drawings each week - Stay Safe & well - Cheers Maursxxx #34

roffeycreations said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate - having issues :
Hi Sarah, Thanks for popping by - Love seeing your drawings each week - Stay Safe & well - Cheers Maursxxx #34

Susan Renshaw said...

So pleased that you could have a crafty session with Eva this week and that it is only 4 weeks to the holidays.
Great drawings as usual - I think my favourite was the view!
Happy WOYWW!
Susan #12

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier.
Eva is looking good, must be great to be back together again.
Loving all your drawings.
Hope it stays dry for you
Christine #24

Dorlene Durham said...

I’m glad to see you’re still drawing. I miss visiting desks and greeting long time friends. See you next week. Dorlene #31

Lindart said...

As usual, your drawings spark various memories, but this time "fountain" was the one - it looks like the fountain from Friends! And I will have a fountain myself to show you next week ;-). It's always nice to see Eva, give her a hello from me and the kitties! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #30

Empire of the Cat said...

These little artworks are so cute! I love your drawings, especially the apple slice! Elle #19 and late

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous new felted picture, Sarah, and as always, your drawings are a delight. It's always good to see Eva's smiling face across the table too, with a cheery wave! Roll on the holidays! I can imagine how much you must be looking forward to them.

Thank you for your visit and all your kind thoughts about my cancer. I've now more or less determined not to go down the chemo route whatever they say - unless it's absolutely essential for my survival! My prognosis looks so good from the other results, and I really don't want to put my body through such an onslought again... Anyway, we shall see. Not long till the 11th and my oncology appointment.

I'm so pleased with the ToDo machine. I did some die-cutting this afternoon with great results. The machine is so easy to use, and it's handy having it out on the work surface beside my main desk area.

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the kitty pics this week. We were thrilled to get the photos of Monty and India and amazed that they are still alive! Lily and Ruby continue to thrive, now aged 4 (how did that happen... time rushes by, doesn't it!) They send you meows and purrs.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #12