Thursday 17 June 2021

Drawing Every Day - Nearly Halfway Through the Year

 I cannot believe that I have actually kept up so far with drawing every day in 2021.  I am now nearly halfway through the year with this project.  I am so much quicker and more confident than I was at the start.  Here is the story of June so far.

I should really have drawn four of these images referring to the four candles/fork handles Two Ronnies sketch from 1976.
I had a play with the prompt for this one.
I copied one frame from an animation tutorial (see HERE).
A quick an easy prompt.
I actually still have a few of these - luckily I also have a machine that digitises them.
I preferred this interpretation of the prompt rather than the more obvious one.
It was the 77th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the opening of the memorial in Normandy which made me think of this.  So many who sacrificed themselves for freedom from tyranny have been forgotten.
ANother quick and easy prompt to interpret.
Another quick drawing from my imagination.
I still remember visiting my first one in Canada on a family holiday as a girl.
Another one from my imagination (and to avoid drawing a person).
The first thought that sprang to mind.
They make a quick breakfast as well!
I can still remember one of my promary school teachers working as a Special Constable at the local parade.

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