Wednesday 20 June 2018

WOYWW 472: Both Sides of the Desk!

Hello and welcome to the weekly link up of desks around the world hosted by our illustrious leader Julia over on the Stamping Ground.  This week I actually had some crafty company after quite a break, and therefore have something to share on both sides of the desk.  My side of the desk shows the early stage of creating some embellishments from cardboard packaging.  I have shared the process on a previous post if you are interested.  In the background you can see strips of silver mirri card ready for die cutting, as the school prom is getting ever closer.  Obviously I can't say or show any more, so if you are in Y8 and reading this there will be no spoilers!
On the other side of the desk, Eva was busy stencilling the backgrounds for 60 birth announcements that she is making for her niece.  You can see the prototype which has already been seen and approved.
Here are the finished ATCs that were face down on my desk last week. They have now been received.  The step by step is HERE if you haven't already seen it.  Have a great week everyone.  I will be along to visit later.  Next year I will be in school on Wednesdays, so my visits will be on a Thursday, however I will still be joining in with WOYWW before I go to work.

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