Wednesday 21 February 2024

WOYWW 768: Like I've Never Been Away

 Even though it was an INSET day on Monday it is like I have never been away the holidays flew by so fast.  Wednesday is here again so it is time to share my desk once more with the Julia and the gang at Stamping Ground for WOYWW.

I can't show you any actual crafting as I am busy with samples for the Clarity shows next month.  However I have been building up stocks of German games for my weekly German club including these Doppelkopf cards.  I don't think I will be playing with the students though.  I accidently ordered the old German version rather than the more familiar hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades set so will put these on the back burner.  I have bought a set of Animal playing cards where you have to build a set of four and all the names of the animals are on the cards.  I have some German top trump type cards on order too - rivers, countries and mountains.
As you can see I have a few more ephemera sets that work with my #dailycollage2024 including these lovely feathers.  I have promised myself no more purchases from Temu this year.  I am off to a meeting in Stafford this afternoon so may be tomorrow before I visit.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.


Helen said...

Those cards look to have interesting designs, but I hope the ones you wanted come soon!
Hope the meeting goes well and happy WOYWW Helen #2

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh I love unusual playing cards. I've too many ! I'll have to share a photo THe colors you show are so vibrant. Have a great week WE are ENJOYING 60's weather next 4 days never happened in February ! I'll be March will be a bear. Enjoy a great week. ANd some great collages once again.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving the playing cards. I used to collect unusual sets though not sure why and they are just sitting there now. Look forward to seeing the new ones when they arrive. Happy woyww, Angela x11x

BJ said...

And there I was wondering WHICH sticker sets you had purchased as I like them very much, will need to have a better look on Temu myself, this time I wouldn't be too bothered about when the package got here as last time I needed the fascinator for the wedding. Adore your collages and definitely intrigued about games in German, or was that German games LOL. Hugs BJ#12

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think your students will love the card games in German, what a great way to learn the language! I often used to use playing cards in my maths intervention groups, the kids thought they were having time off, little did they know, mwahahahahaha!!
Hugs LLJ 7 xx

Diana Taylor said...

Love the collages - those gorgeous feathers look real! The playing cards are intriguing - I would be tempted to use them for collage - from what little I can see of them the designs look beautiful.
Hope you have a good meeting today.
Happy WOYWW,
Diana xx #15

Julia Dunnit said...

Happy accident I'd say, although you may jot get so much use from them, the traditional Doppelkopf cards are really lovely! As are your collages. Great good luck with staying away from Temu, and with the samples for the next few shows.

Neet said...

Love the look of your Dopplekopf cards. I hope we get to see some of the other game cards that you purchase.
Had to smile at the Temu declaration.
Hugs, Neet xx 13

Lynnecrafts said...

Those cards look interesting and maybe some students will like them. How good to have a German club at school!
Love your collages.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 16 xx

Annie said...

I’m enjoying your latest collages.
Annie x #8

Crafting With Jack said...

Hi Sarah, will you use the cards or just add them to your collection? I hope you meeting goes well. No more Temu ? - that’s a bit harsh! Happy WOYWW Angela #14

Lisa-Jane said...

Loving the use of the feather die cuts this week. I've just found a box of feathers in my sorting so maybe I can actually add them on to some collage at some point. Thank you for the inspiration! Lisa-Jane #9 (

Chana Malkah said...

Love the feathers! I keep saying the same thing about Temu!
Enjoy your meeting!
Chana Malkah, WOYWW #19

Spyder said...

I have a thing abiut playing cards, though I never like playing cards...well, not relly. I've been saving them up to alter them some how, but so far my atempt never look like whats in my mind! I guess the best thing is just 'do it!'I love the feathers too! Sorry I'm sooo late have a great woyww ((Lyn)) #17

Lindart said...

Knowing what I have read about Temu, best stay away! I love the feathers, though, in your collages, very real looking and gorgeous colours! The playing cards look intriguing too! Have a great week, Lindart #20

Kyla said...

ooh interesting cards and wish our teachers played games with us to embrace the language, a great idea.
thanks for visiting my desk already

Kelly said...

HI Sarah.
Filming went well... all 30 minutes! geez. Only took 4 hours to upload. hehe
I love the fashionista ladies. I have two sets. Card games. Hmmm I have a pack of Animal Rummy and I have an entire drawer full of all kinds of card game decks to use in journals.
Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #18