Monday 2 October 2023

Daily Drawings Three Quarters done!

I can't believe thre is only a quarter of 2023 left.  I have managed to keep going with the #dailydrawing2023 challenge to myself.  Here is a round up of the second half of September.

It was fun creating the pattern.
I had to find a photo to copy for this one as I don't know much about horses.
An obvious response.
I went with a straightforward response.
Always love a bargain.
Did a lot of this growing up.
I prefer a shower to be honest.
I tried to keep it simple again.
Another easy response.
Verb rather than noun!
I read more books on my Kindle these days but this is a bookmark I use with paper copies.
My Mum and siblings will also remember this.
One of my favourite hobbies.
A partial family tree.
I prefer them done!

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