Monday 13 February 2023

Clarity New Design Club Stamps 2018: Ideas and Inspiration

I  haven't used all the stamps from the Clarity New Design Club which I received in 2018 but a few have been used multiple times.  Here is a round up together with links to the individual projects.

January 2018 (see HERE).
April 2018 (see HERE).
May 2018 (see HERE).
July 2018 (see HERE)
and HERE
and HERE.
August 2018 (see HERE),
and HERE,
and HERE.
September 2018 (see HERE)
and HERE,
and HERE.
November 2018 (see HERE).
December 2018 (see HERE).


  1. Dear Sarah
    These are wonderful (no surprises to learn I have all of them!) I have just re-organised all my club stamps into 2 boxes (from 4 boxes!) how do you store yours?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Hi Maggie - I store my stamps in DVD cases minus the inside section.


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