Wednesday 22 February 2023

WOYWW 716: Nothing To Declare

 A quick preprepared desk share today as I got this ready on Monday morning before the second cataract operation.  Please visit more interesting desks than mine at Stamping Ground.

Nothing on the desk as I won't be crafting for a few days and have already lowered my chair to near eye level to reduce bending forward once I start crafting again.
I also got a couple of days ahead with my #dailydrawing2023 as well. 
Here is the card I made with the stamps on my desk last week.
Will let you know next week how things went.  Not sure if I will be doing much commenting but will try and visit.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.


  1. Good to see your desk - all clean and ready for action when you are up to it again! I hope the 2nd op is as successful as the first, I am sure it will be... and we understand if you can't leave comments when you visit. Happy WOYWW

  2. You are excused for having such a tidy desk Lol! Take care and sending woyww hugs, Angela x9x

  3. Fingers crossed your 2nd op has gone well Sarah. I love to see your daily drawings and the card is pretty too.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 8 x

  4. Ooh I do love your daily drawings and your commitment to the project
    Lynn x

  5. Hope all went well with the OP. Absolutely LOVE the card it's amazing. Hugs BJ#12

  6. Oh dear, are you not allowed to bend forward when you have had the cataract op? That means no crafting for me but it will make the neck less painful.
    Good luck once more - with the second op this time. Funnily enough a lady told me yesterday how brighter colours looked when she had hers done.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  7. I love your little drawings, and the card is beautiful too. I hope everything is going well with your recovery and don't worry about commenting, you certainly don't want to over do things.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Diana xx #14

  8. Hope all went well with the second cataract op! You’ll have bionic eyes now, just like the Six Million Dollar man!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  9. Hope all went well Sarah. X x Jo

  10. ooh loving the swimming card and seriously impressed with the sketch a day (I lasted about 8 days!). Hope the appointment goes ok and fingers crossed you are back to crafting soon.
    thanks for visiting my desk already

  11. We’ll done Sarah, just bring here us a reassurance for us, I’ve been thinking of you, hoping the second time around was as OK. I really hope the clarity of vision and your recovery is just as positive, I haven’t had eyes done, but seem to remember a second identical op left me more shaken because I couldn’t be so ignorantly gung ho! Love your interpretation of ‘Olden’, made me chuckle and admire your train if thought, for about the kerjillionth time! Xx

  12. Fabulous card deserves to be in a frame ! Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care x Angela #18

  13. I'm rather late in the day doing my's been another busy one for me.
    It's good to know your the other side of your second op and here's to a good recovery.
    Annie x # 6

  14. I love what you did with the swimmer! Great card! Your desk looks beautiful clean and inviting. Just what you need when you are feeling better, so you don't have clutter to deal with right off the bat. Smart! Sounds like you have planned well, good luck with the procedure! Have a great week, and thanks for your visit! Lindart #19

  15. Hellooo Sarah 🤗 sorry I'm so late ... hoping you're doing good 🙏 sending up wishes for a good recovery ⭐️ your drawings are a joy to see alongside your gorgeous card 🏊 Sending much love and healing thoughts your way Tracy #21 xxxx


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