Tuesday 17 January 2023

First Challenge Update of 2023

 Having completed a daily journal page challenge in 2022, I decided to go back to a daily drawing challenge for 2023 as I did in 2021.  I found a set of prompts for each month (except October as I will use the Inktober2023 prompts for then).

For January I found these to follow and they are quite challenging at times to come up with an idea.  Of necessity I am keeping things minimal and basic.  So here is the first half of January...
I must admit for googling ideas for this prompt.
I thought of things that grow despite challenges.
My first thought was eggs.
I am not confident drawing people so went with forms and shapes.
So many different types to choose from!
My thoughts went to plants straight away.
Deceptively difficult to draw!
Another idea I found by googling.
Not a problem to come up with an idea.
First thought but kept the figure simple again.
My choice on special occasions.
A quick and simple response today.
An iconic song gave me the idea for this.
Never tried pottery but I imagine my efforts would look like this.
I have plenty of this to draw!
A really bad pun I know but the drawings have to be quick on work mornings.


Deb Kane said...

Can I just say I'd give you an award for "octopi" really imaginative and made me chuckle!! Will looking forward to more.

Helen said...

Glad you've done a summary as I am sure I miss some thanks to FB's games!!