Saturday 21 January 2023

Batch making Christmas Cards

I decided to get ahead for this year and batch make some simple Christmas cards using the last ever Clarity New Design Club die.

Die cut the snowflake (#48) Clarity Club die from white glitter card.
Trap the scrap from the die using a piece of double-sided adhesive.
Repeat using black glitter card.
Continue with gold glitter card.
Finish with pale blue glitter card.
Add the white glitter panel to the black card.
Add the black glitter panel to the gold card.
Add the gold glitter panel to the pale blue card.
Add the pale blue glitter panel to the white card.
Die cut each topper using the 4” nested squares die.
Die cut mats for two of the toppers from black card using the corresponding nested squares picot die.

To finish, add the toppers to the front of 13.5cm x 13.5cm white card blanks, matting as appropriate.

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