Wednesday 14 September 2022

WOYWW 693: The End of an Era

 Such historic, sad and tumultuous events have been happening since last we met together for WOYWW.  I am sure that I am by no means the only one who was brought to spontaneous tears by the announcement of Hm Queen Elizabeth II's death last Thursday and who spent much of the rest of the day watching the news continuously.

I spent some time trying to find suitable materials for my #dailychallenge2022 on Friday and Saturday.

I couldn't sleep on Thursday night so was awake at 4am putting together something a little more fitting than my original plan for Friday morning. 
I decided to pay tribute to our new King Charles III for the page on Saturday.  On Sunday and Monday I shall produce another two similar pages to mark the end of the mourning period and the State Funeral.  On Friday evening we will be heading down to London to pay our respects at the Palace of Westminster by train.  Our youngest son will be with us as he has no memory of our last visit to pay our respects to HM the Queen Mother in 2002 as he was only two at the time.

I was lucky enough to see the late Queen in person once.  Back in 1980 when I was at school she visited Shugbourough Hall, home of her cousin Lord Lichfield.  Our school lined the streets as she drove through Rugely to get there.  I remember seeing Prince Charles drive through on a private visit too (the royal train used to stop at Rugeley Trent Valley station.

Please share any memories of HM as I would love to hear them.  Stay safe everyone.


BJ said...

What a fitting tribute, I got the same papers and embellishments for the diamond jubilee, still have quite a bit left too. I've been totally saddened and sobbing since before the final news broke. Only seen Her Majesty a couple of times and that was at the road side as she made her way to Epsom Racecourse for The Derby. BJ#1

Helen said...

Two fitting pages for your daily tributes. I have hardly watched anything other than coverage and tributes since Thursday. I hope your trip to London goes well and you get to view the coffin, it sounds as if the queue is going to be very long. Take care. Helen #3

Susan Renshaw said...

When I was Akela for the Cub Group in Moelfre, North Wales, the boys formed part of a walk of honour for the Queen when she opened an art gallery in LLangefni. She stopped at my son Dan, patted his arm and said what a lot of badges...
Happy WOYWW! Susan #5

Neet said...

I was once kept from school by my aunt to go and see the Queen. I remember travelling on the bus and was frightened that someone would see med wagging school.
I hope your trip to London is a safe one and you and your family get to pay your respects.
Hugs, Neet xx

Magic Maggie said...

Hi Sarah
I was born in 1952 and saw the Queen twice. The first time was at Hovingham when she came for Katherine Worsley's wedding (Duchess of Kent) and then she came to York a few times - I was hanging off Micklegate Bar (our main processional gateway) on one of those occasions - she was a good way away, but Her smile travelled throughout the crowd. A beautiful bright star is missing from the sky now. I feel all hollow inside. Say goodbye to her for me please.
Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

Tracy said...

Good morning Sarah 🤗 such a beautiful tribute to the Queen ❤ such sad times it is. Your journal page dedicated to the King with the words is perfect and says so much.Wrapping you up in hugs and sending love your way, be safe. Tracy #13 xxxx

Diana Taylor said...

Lovely tributes Sarah. I have been surprised at how emotional I've been over the last few days by it all. I hope all goes well in London.
Have a good week
Diana xx #15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I liked both versions of the tribute, as she really was a legend! Good luck with the journey to London, hope all goes well.
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

Crafting With Jack said...

Very fitting pages for your tribute. She was a much loved lady. Happy WOYWW. #7

Lynnecrafts said...

A lovely tribute,Sarah. I feel sorry for them having to maintain such a stiff upper lip in public.
The only time I saw the Queen and Prince Philip, they nearly ran us over, across the road from the Tower of London. A single motorbike had stopped the traffic and we thought we could cross. We stepped back v smartly as the royal car swept past. Philip gave me a very disapproving look.Brian said they must’ve been going to the Queen Vic .🤭
8 hope you don’t have to queue too long on Fri/Sat.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 8

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the lovely comment. I have to admit that I'm late getting round everyone today because we've been to the seaside for a day out, first time since Covid started so it made a lovely change and as hubby said let's go who was I to turn it down. Also we have a new puppy so it was her first time to see the sea. Loving the new pages, just perfect and hope the trip goes well. Hugs, Angela x12x

Annie said...

I'm very late in the day with my visits but it has been one of those crazy days with sewing and a constant flow of yet more customers bringing me more to certainly makes my days pass quickly.
I think it has affected us all more than we thought it would...she was an amazing lady. I never met the Queen but have met our new King [He opened our new hospital when I was working]and was surprised at how small he was in real life...I wish him all the luck in the world.
Annie x #10

StampinCarol said...

Your tributes are wonderful.
Her Majesty was such an elegant lady, she will be missed.
Hope you have a great trip to pay your respects.
Thanks for popping by.
Carol N #16

Lindart said...

Lovely tribute, Sarah. I look forward to the ones to come. I have never seen any Royalty, buy my hubby saw the Queen here in Kingston many years ago, and he and my DD saw Prince Charles and Diana when DD was too little to remember. Unfortunately I missed out on both occasions, probably working. Thanks for your visit, and have a great week, Lindart #17