Sunday 17 October 2021

#Inktober2021 Round Up: Part 1

 I have been using the official #inktober2021 prompt list this month as part of my challenge to draw every day.  Here is my progress so far.

A nice easy one to get started.
Just like one in my wardrobe that I no longer wear.
I have drawn a few ships already this year so decided on a different interpretation. I had the Danny Kaye line 'the vessel with the pestle is the brew that is true, running round my head.
Another simple interpretation.
This was a major challenge for me so I found a picture to copy and went for it!
I went for a dual interpretation.
My parents have one in their conservatory.
Again, I tried for a different interpretation as I have already drawn time pieces this year.
I hate it when people shake a can before opening it, but it made for an easy interpretation.
Another easy prompt.
A prompt that I had earlier in the year so decided to go with a more cartoon like image this time.
My previous interpretation back in August.
One of my absolute pet hates!
It's not very long since my craft shed had a new roof, so this was an easy prompt to respond to.
I decided to challenge myself a little rather than a tick on a list (a check mark in the US).
I have only been on a motor bike once and was very glad of a helmet.
Memories of school!
I am looking forward to working on the rest of the prompts!

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