Thursday 16 September 2021

Ongoing Daily Drawing: September Part I

 And so the daily drawing journey continues.  I have now started my third Daler Rowney cartridge paper sketchbook for 2021.  Here is the round up for the first part of September.

I must admit that I don't drink much coffee myself.
I had been binge watching the second half of Lucifer season 5.  Season 6 was due to start and I needed to catch up.  I chose to draw one of Mazikeen's knives.
A quick and easy sketch.
That moment before the alarm goes off!
Nothing like the smell of washing that has dried on the line.
I find drawing each day and doodling very soothing.
A more straight forward prompt!
I was initially stumped by this prompt, but my husband went to his boss's evening wedding reception and I was reminded of this ritual.
I had previously drawn an apple, a banana, an orange and a lemon so I went for a different fruit!
I never got as far as going en pointe but did have ballet lessons as a child.
I have three sons - enough said lol.
A quick and easy response today.
I've drawn chocolate previously so went with the biblical version.
A stop watch seemed a suitable response.
The first thing I thought of that people share!  

And so the first half of September is complete.


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