Wednesday 29 September 2021

WOYWW 643: What A Kerfuffle

Welcome to my weekly desk sharing care of Julia's Stamping Ground with the wonderful WOYWW group.

Ready as usual first thing in a morning for my daily drawing challenge.  Friday sees the start of Inktober for this year and I will be following the official prompts
For now though I am still finishing off the #drawingaday prompts from September 2017.

I was lucky enough to be able to get fuel on Monday morning on my way to work as I had little left in the tank.  I only put in my usual £30 worth and have little patience with the idiots who are panic buying and storing fuel in cans.  Hubby and I spent most of Monday evening trying to get fuel for his car but by then every garage we tried was out.  He is regretting not putting more than £15 in on Saturday but at the time didn't realise how difficult the situation would become and just acted normally.  If only everyone else was doing the same thing, there wouldn't be a problem.  Luckily he was able to fill up mid morning after the queues had gone down.

Meeting after school this evening so it may be tomorrow before I manage to visit.  In the mean time stay safe and Happy WOYWW. 


Helen said...

There are times that I am glad i don't rely on a car to get about, and despair of the panic buyers... but I think things may be easing slightly, I passed a station on the way home yesterday and it obviously had fuel and people going in and out, with no queue, hurrah! Look forward to your "live" daily drawings with Inktober lol! Happy WOYWW Helen #2

Julia Dunnit said...

Ugh, after school meeting…hope it isn’t serious! Constantly amazed by your ingenuity with interpreting the prompts, ‘turn’, is so clever! The petrol madness is enough to turn you into a road rage type isn’t it, can’t believe how many people have behaved so irrationally. I’m about to publish a list of prompts on Facebook…a little publicity for the DD and Shrieking Wizard Co…they have an art a day thing called Shriektober!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You’ve been doing the drawings for some while now and I still enjoy seeing them and marvelling at how different your take on the prompts would be to mine! Embrace the differences!! Glad you got some fuel, we haven’t bothered trying here, almost like being in lockdown again!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Sarah, love your daily drawings. I’m tickled by the wool shops who have put up signs about a wool shortage. Some pubs have jumped onto the idea as well. More seriously, Ramsgate Lifeboat’s crew were berated at a petrol station this week when they tried to buy boat fuel in jerrycans. This government is hopeless.
Anyway, Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 11

Neet said...

Glad you both got some fuel - I did hear a story of one guy filling up his lawnmower on the back of his van and another with 6 cans trying to hide them but someone took a video - not sure how true these stories are but they are believable with the way folks behave.
Nice sorted desk shot.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Yes Sarah it’s the Fear Pandemic that is causing pandemonium, those two are definitely related. Compassion, care for neighbour as Jesus said is the second greatest commandment.. love your neighbour as yourself… it’s been swamped by SELF + FEAR.
So glad hubby managed it. Blessed indeed.
Lovely prompts and sketches. Well done for sticking at it.
Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Crafting With Jack said...

Lucky as in 4 leaf clover :). We managed to get fuel last week before all the madness started. I blame the newspapers. If they tell -expletive there is going to be a shortage there is bound to be a reaction. Have a great week Angela #7

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

It's just been crazy. We were lucky that my hubby went for petrol on Friday before everything kicked off. He actually wanted some for the lawn mower but thought he'd top up the car while he was there so we're okay for visiting mum as that would have been a problem and I'm sure there are lots of other people in a similar situation. I remain impressed with your ability to keep up with the drawings and look forward to the October ones. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x14x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

The fuel situation is just crazy - why don't they bring in the army? And also, why don't we have enough truck drivers? A country the size of the UK and so overpopulated shouldn't have to rely on foreign labour? Glad you managed to get some petrol in the end - I walk to work so it doesn't affect me and my husband is happy to use this as an excuse to work from home for now, but if we suddenly had to drive somewhere further than our town, we would be in trouble. Looking forward to your October sketches! Have a lovely week, Sarah! xx zsuzsa #21

Kelly said...

Good morning, Sarah!
Wow... fueling is becoming an issue there? I hadn't heard.
I do agree that if people would stop buying 'whatever' in massive quanitites, everyone could have some of what they need. Mind you, I am a prepper, but I don't clear off a store shelf. I have certain things I buy each week. Thankfully, I seldom HAVE to go anywhere so that is helpful should the fueling become a problem here in the states.
I'm checking out the Inktober 2021 prompts. Maybe it's time I got out my pen and tried something. I loved the simplicity for #inspiration.
Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #22

Lindart said...

It's sad what's happing with your fuel, I hope it clears up soon. Two of your drawings spoke to me today, the teddy bear reminded me of the giant bear that was given to my DD when she was born, it was twice as big as she was! The second was the wind turbine. We have a group of wind turbines on an island that we can see on our trip into town. They are always so majestic and elegant, and I always get such a good feelings that they are using wind power to make electricity, and therefore doing something positive for our environment. Have a great week, Lindart #25

Annie said...

Thanks for calling by at mine. So glad you managed to get fuel. The problem is totally down to the media and is madness. I love your daily’s good to see where your prompts come from.
Annie x #8

Twiglet said...

The fuel issue is bonkers - my heart goes out to all who need it for work - glad you both managed to find some. I hope you manage to get on one of Max's courses - so glad she is able to start running them again as she has had such lovely feedback and was just going so well with them before Covid hit. xx Jo

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Sarah, I had no clue that people were in a panic over fuel. ( that is not happening here at the moment) but, the stores have signs on the cash registers that people can only buy 2 packs of toilet paper again. ( I am rolling my eyes) you impress me all the time with these sketches. ~Stacy #26

craftyani said...

Can't believe the British people if you posted something outrageous was in short supply folk would panic buy. All down to the media.Britain voted for Brexit and this is what you got. I am going to keep abreast of your October drawings and see the difference between your intereptations and mine. Ani

Kyla said...

ah yes the joy of petrol, I had 3 hospital appts and work last week so am almost empty, not been able to get any for over a week. Like you I only ever put £25-30 in (think its 'cos in the 80s people used to syphon it out of the cars and tractors (I lived in the wilds!!) and never got out the habit!), havent tried for last couple days.

Loving Inktober, like you i have been doing it for years and the past 5 years or so I have been doing then on tags so I can easily hang them on a ring. Just need to de string the tags in readiness!!

Caro said...

Loving your drawings as usual! Glad you got fuel in the end. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#16)

StampinCarol said...

Hope your hubby can get fuel. We live about 12 miles from town so we get fuel when we get to 1/2 tank. Prices are rising and I feel bad for people on fixed incomes. There's been no panic buying though.
Great drawings as usual!
Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
Carol N #23

Shoshi said...

Great drawings as ever, Sarah - I love your take on the single word prompts. It really encourages the imagination, doesn't it.

Thank you for your visit - you are right, getting the basics done in advance does save time and frustration, and I have already felt the benefit of it even though the work is not yet complete! Thank you for your good wishes - I think my skin may finally be beginning to heal now, as it has been less itchy today and I've been a lot less aware of it. They said the problem would peak about a fortnight after the end of the treatment and then start to recover so it's unlikely to get any worse now, I think.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #19

BJ said...

Oh gosh so late this week (eeek last week) don't think I've had the PC on since Wednesday's link up.

Loving your Inktober list, did start Julia's one but realised it was more halloweenish and I don't do halloween. Anyway after doing day 1 I gave up, too frustrating. Oh the fuel thing and the irony as my fuel light came on the day my husband collected me in my car from the hospital after my operation and I insisted he fill it up (I usually wait for light and fill it up) 2 days later the "crisis" started I have a full tank but I can't actually drive for 3-4 weeks myself!!! Son needs fuel and can't get any. Hubby has half a tank but can drive my car. Local station empty in fact cars were queueing behind a parked lorry for it and there I was letting them all know in my sling on my walk! What a life!

Hand and wrist still sore seeing the consultant this evening for my dressing off proper, hoping it's all OK, although still not using it much.

We'll see. BJ#10