Sunday 31 January 2021

Daily Drawing Latest: inktober2019 part 2

 I am very proud of myself for keeping up with my resolution to do a daily drawing in 2021.  I have now finished catching up with all the inktober 2019 prompts and will be starting on the 2017 prompts now as I took part in inktober 2018 at the time.  My drawings are getting quicker and I am feeling more confident the more I do.

Drawn from my head.
Another of my own thoughts, the idea for this prompt actually came quickly.
I did copy this image (see HERE).
A quick sketch as it was a work day.
Using an online tutorial (see HERE).
Another quickie on a work day.
At the weekend so took another tutorial (see HERE).
As I had drawn a dizzy sketch for inktober 2020 I wanted something different this time.
No help needed with this prompt.
A quick idea, after all dark is the absence of light.
Another tutorial followed (see HERE).
Copied from an image (see HERE).
Another quick idea.
An idea for a different response.
My first thought but copied from an image (see HERE).

I have enough space in my Daler-Rowney cartridge paper sketchbook to see me through to the end of April so will certainly be continuing with my daily drawings.

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