Sunday 8 November 2020

#Inktober2020: Part 2

I really enjoyed participating in #inktober this year having not taking part in 2019.  It set my day up really well drawing first thing in the morning, even before work.  I even went straight to ink for a few of the drawings.  Here are the last 16 projects.

My first attempt with no pencil under drawing.  A bit wonky but not too bad for a first go.
Once again, no under drawing.  I have enjoyed experimenting with dots and lines to add texture and detail this year.

This was inspired by Once Upon a Time that I am rewatching on Netflix.

This had to be quick as I was heading out to work.  It seemed apt for the situation with tiers at the time though.

A further attempt with no under drawing.

A comment on the sadness of the current situation for many people.

More experimenting with lines and dots for texture and shape.

Another quickie before work.

Still avoiding drawing people lol.

Definitely more a cat person!

This seemed an apt response to follow the previous one.

Quick and simple.  Every good burger deserves fries!

Lots of possibilities, but my first thought.

Nothing like the shoes I normally wear lol.

Another drawing which went straight to ink.

Once again I used a piece of clipart as a starting point for shape and took it from there.  I have really enjoyed inktober this year and have already ordered some new notebooks to take part in 2021.

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