Thursday 26 November 2020

Daily Drawings

 Having taken part in inktober2020, I was inspired to continue my daily drawing start to the day.  Back in 2018, I started the drawcember challenge posted by ther Facebook group Month to Month Arty Fun.  I have also been influenced by Barbara Gray's Shac Doodling which has been taking place since the first lockdown began. As a result, I have been taking 5-10 minutes time each morning to produce a drawing, often starting as a pencil sketch before adding ink.  I have now completed all 25 drawings and thought I'd share them in one place. I have taken lots of inspiration from the internet, googling key words + drawings to find images and tutorials to follow.

I followed a lovely online tutorial for this.
From my imagination.

Following a second online tutorial.
A tutorial from another useful drawing site.
All my own work.

Another great tutorial.
Once again, I found a fun tutorial online.

Some pictures have come from my own imagination.

Another fun tutorial for this one.
Sometimes I just found some pictures to copy.

I am thoroughly enjoying this process and am looking for the next challenge.  Any ideas for finding prompts would be gratefully received.

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