Monday 7 October 2019

Dragonfly Garland Candle

I decorated the last of my small pillar candles for this project.
Cut a piece of tissue paper to 9” x 2.5” to fit round a small pillar candle. Having practised on a piece of paper the same size, stamp the garland stamp from the dragonfly set onto the rough side of the tissue paper in black pigment ink in a balanced pattern.
Once the ink is dry, colour the images using watercolour pencils. Colour on both sides of the tissue paper to intensify the depth of colour.
Cut a piece of wax paper slightly wider and longer than the tissue paper. Wrap the tissue paper round the candle shiny side outwards. Wrap the wax paper tightly over the top with the wax side inwards. Using a heat gun and starting at one end of the tissue paper gently heat the wax paper until the tissue paper sinks into the candle. Move the heat gun around the candle heating evenly until all the tissue paper has been sealed to the candle. Gently peel back the wax paper.

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