Wednesday 6 March 2019

WOYWW 509: Secrets, Secrets

Welcome to the weekly desk share, linking up with head desker Julia over on the Stamping Ground, to join in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  As you can see from the number at the top of the post, this weekly link up is approaching its 10th anniversary.
I can't show a great deal of what I'm up to at the moment as usual.  However the Country Animals Montage stencil has been around for a year so is not really a secret.  As you can see, I had masked off one animal that I wanted to use and had my Dreamweaver embossing paste out.  More than that will have to wait until March 16th.
Here are my favourite samples from each of the Clarity shows that I have been involved in so far since January 2019.  I am having a blast!

Sadly, there is nothing to show on the other side of the desk again this week, as Eva and I have still not managed to get together in the shed since half term.  However, #2 son is flying in from Romania for three weeks on Saturday, so we haven't had to wait too long to catch up with him.  #1 son and his girlfriend have just purchased a house and I am hoping to have time to go along with hubby and give them a hand with the decorating on Sunday. 


  1. I don't get to watch the craft channels so it's good to see what you made for them. you've definitely got more on the go than me! Helen

  2. Well, Sarah, you certainly have had a green moment. By that I mean that you have used that as the main colour in so many of your cards - not a green with envy moment LOL. So glad you are enjoying making those samples.
    Enjoy your decorating - thank goodness I am too old to be doing that now - and enjoy your visiting son.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  3. Happy WOYWW. I love that stencil. Your Clarity show pieces are all amazing, but I particularly like the 3rd one down. Ali x #11

  4. I have to agree with Helen, I rarely get chance to sit and watch the channels anymore but do flick through and record when i'm reminded, purchases are usually made on the hop hee hee!!
    How lovely to have your Son come visit and also be able to help out your other in his new home. Happy family times ahead for you Sarah.
    Thanks for sharing all you super work today, it's so nice to see it all together.
    Happy Woyww Tracey #12

  5. Hello Sarah. I am so pleased to be able to comment on your blog( though have been following on FB) You have been very productive. Love all the above! Anne #14

  6. Your are busy, but sometimes I think the busier you are the more you actually get done where as if you have all day you tend to slow down At least that is how it seems to be how my days go !! Enjoy your family time & look forward to seeing your secret stuff x

  7. Lovely collection of cards Sarah, pleased you're having a good time. Have a great woyww, Angela x16x

  8. Hi Sarah, great selection of samples, good that you're enjoying yourself. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  9. Hi Sarah, I don't watch the craft channels either but you've made some lovely pieces.
    Enjoy your time with your son. Happy WOYWW
    Jan no19

  10. Fabulous work - like Helen I don't watch craft channels so it's lovely to see what you've done. I particularly love the third one down - is it a gelli print - the texture is wonderful. Hope you have a wonderful few weeks with your son and enjoy the decorating too (not such fun in my book!),
    Diana x #15

  11. I really love that punchy green you're working with a lot at the moment, but all the cards are fun. I'm pleased that your samples are all going ok too - have fun with a different sort of painting at the weekend, lol!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  12. Hi Sarah. The animal stencil looks very cool. You have a great assortment of cards made too. Have a great visit with your son and enjoy helping the other son and his girlfriend decorate their new home. That's always fun. I bought my home two years ago and still am getting settled!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (27)

  13. You have been busy but then - if you want something doing then give it to a busy person. That's what I was told!
    Love all the cards especially the phoenix card....I tape all the programmes so haven't got round to seeing 'your' shows yet but I'm sure they'll be good.
    Have a good week, decorating, entertaining or whatever!
    Hugs to Eva
    Christine #26

  14. Beautiful projects!! Have a fabulous time with family!!
    Carol N #21

  15. Loving all of your different projects! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. With love and God Bless. Caro x (#31)

  16. Hi Sarah, you really have been busy since the start of the year. Beautiful cards and I do like that quote about losing a shoe at midnight - so true! How lovely to have #2 son visiting soon and I hope #1 son enjoys his new home. Elizabeth x #29

  17. Hi Sarah. Well, there is certainly plenty going on down your way! Goodness me... do you ever stop?? Hope you have a great weekend with your sons. Lovely samples. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  18. Hi Sarah your comment about 10th Anniv had me hoping around to look when it is, but May is ages away y’know, or tis to me! So relax a bit longer, phew! Lovley creations did try find Hochanda shows of clarity last week but not very good at figuring out how to do it for the other side of the world. Love the bright colours and I am partial to green too.
    Happy belated WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #18

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
    {Wonderful Words Of Life - Shaz in Oz}

  19. It was a busy day for me yesterday so I'm just playing catch up with visiting my blogging friends. The Stick Man outfit was completed and looked really lovely but.....more about that on my Friday blog post. :-)
    What a lovely lots of gorgeous cards you've made and lots of exciting family news too.
    Annie x #9

  20. Wow! You've been busy! Great cards. Have a great week. Dorlene #29

  21. Great cards, Sarah! You have been busy. Gad to hear you are able to spend some time with family. Thank you for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing our two girlies again! I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment - a bout of toothache ended in a visit to the dentist this a.m. and he filled a cracked wisdom tooth with a temp. filling, but since the anaesthetic has worn off, it still hurts... I told him I thought it was the next tooth and he was going to X-ray it but didn't, thinking it was just the wisdom tooth, so I can see myself having to go back again sooner than expected. I haaaate going!!! Also, I've got laryngitis and absolutely no voice!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #10

  22. Hi Sarah! I love all the cards you created but I really adore the one with the white & lined flowers, that's just marvelous! Have a great weekend dear, enjoy seeing 'your boys' (my son will visit us next weekend, looking forward to it already!) Love from the Netherlands, Marit #32

  23. Lovely work! How do you manage it all?

  24. ooh some lovely makes, especially like the badger mask I can spy, may need to check that one out too.

  25. Hi Sarah! Sorry to be so late in my replies, but this is the first chance I have gotten all week! Thanks for your visit! Your cards are great, I think I like the third one, with the tall flowers, the best though. I also like the Phoenix coming out of the fire! Magical! See you tomorrow, Lindart #22


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