Friday 15 March 2019

Masking, Stamping and Colouring through a Stencil

My second sample for the Clarity stencils which were introduced yesterday live from the NEC on Hochanda.  This time I used the technique of masking off areas and colouring using stencil brushes, as well as over stamping some areas.  This would make the perfect wedding card.
I started by cutting a piece of Clarity 11" x 8.5" stencil card in half and attaching the church stencil over the top.  I masked off all but the sky area and brushed Tenacious Teal Artistry ink through the apertures using a Clarity stencil brush.
I then added stamping in the same ink using the script stamp from the Clarity Journaling set followed by a piece of bubble wrap.

Masking off other areas of the stencil in turn, I brushed Rich Mocha Artistry ink over the ploughed fields, brushing in one direction only (right to left).
The top fields were coloured using Pampas Artistry ink and over stamped in the same colour using the harlequin stamp from the Journaling set.
The lower fields were brushed with Avocado ink and the roofs in Cinnamon Tea.
The houses themselves were coloured in Rich Mocha.
Finally, the church was coloured with Aged Stucco.  I used a Pergamano Blending pen and nib to add Aged Stucco to all the windows, the church door and the clock.
The stencil was then removed, revealing the full effect.
Congratulations from Mini Word Chains 11 & 12 was added in Black Soot Archival ink.
The stencil card was trimmed to leave a narrow white border all round, matted onto black card and added to an A5 white card blank.  Wishing You Happiness (mini Word Chains 15&16) was then stamped along the bottom in Black Soot Archival ink.
It was well worth taking the time with the masking to create the effects that I wanted.  I was also pleased with the way thet the over stamping adds texture and interest to the background.

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L ,Southerland said...

It probably took ages but it looks terrific so was well worth the effort. Definitely something I will try 'cos I have the stencils. Thank you.
Linda Southerland