Tuesday 1 August 2017

Art Journal Prompts Week 31: Credit Card and Fingers Only

I love getting messy fingers and quite often use them to apply paint rather than a brush, so when I saw this week's prompt from Nina Ribena on art journal prompts I knew it would be fun.  My hands aren't completely clean yet, but I had a blast.
As the Chit Chat stickers state, I decided to stay simple, trust my crazy ideas, hold tight and pretend I had a plan, be courageous and go wherever my heart took me.  I therefore chose 5 colours of Dylusions paint (Black Marble, White Linen, Polished Jade, After Midnight and Crushed Grape), cut a piece of Mixed Media card (19.5cm x 18.5cm) to fit my 8"x8" kraft art journal, cut up an old library card, grabbed my old season ticket card and made a start.
Black Marble, After Midnight and Crushed Grape to start (in that order), added randomly in both directions and dried.
Polished Jade added with a narrower piece of card and White Linen lines using the sides of the card.
After Midnight scraped over with a very narrow piece of card and lines of Polished Jade.
Some larger areas of White Linen scraped on and overlaid in places with Polished Jade.  As you can see the White Linen became rather translucent as it dried.
Fingers used around the edges to add a White Linen border and some Black Marble lines.
I decided to go all around the edges again with a thicker layer of Reeves White Titanium paint as well as adding further white lines in the same paint.  I also turned the page 180 degrees before adding the Chit Chat stickers that I had chosen as they matched my thought process while completing this page.

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