Wednesday 30 August 2017

WOYWW: Back to School

Short but bittersweet desk share today (visit our hostess Julia at the Stamping Ground for further links).  The first picture shows what I'd like to be playing with today; my bargain/clearance stash from Hobbycraft last Friday, with a roll of write on black tape from IKEA on Monday. 
The second picture shows what is actually on my desk today, as I have to do some work before I return to work next Monday.  It is the first time my hard drive has been out of my bag this holiday, but as you can see from the To Do List next to it, I have various items that need sorting before next week.
I did manage to visit Mrs D in hospital last week and took her a Get Well card.  She has had rather a game of musical wards (including one move in the middle of the night) since her arrival which is not helping her recovery.  It was great to meet her and Mr D, although I'd have preferred it not to be under those circumstances.  As my parents had a cabin cruiser when I was younger and our family spent most holidays and many weekends on the canals, Mr and Mrs D and I had a little more to talk about than crafting (although the subject did come up of course).  I hope that she is well enough to be discharged soon and that she is pain free and mobile. We have managed to hook up on Facebook at least, so we will be able to keep in touch.  Happy WOYWW everyone!

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