Saturday 8 June 2019

A Clean and Simple Birthday Card with a Splash of Bling

This card started off heading in one direction and ended up going in another.  I hadn't thought of cutting an aperture in a background and stamping behind it before, but I think it turned out rather well.
Attach the unravelled twine stencil to a piece of 7” x 7” stencil card using masking tape to create a hinge at the top. Brush Orange Popsicle Artistry ink through the whole aperture using a Clarity stencil brush and remove the stencil.
Add the Rocky Block stencil in its place and brush Blaze Artistry ink through the aperture brushing from left to right. Add a little Hay Stack ink in the corners.
Use the middle die from the nested circle picot edge set to take a piece from the top left section of the card.
Create a frame from white stencil card using the same die and the next smallest one.
Trim an eighth of an inch off each side of the stencil card and lay it over the front of a 7” x 7” black card blank. Use a pencil to lightly mark the aperture.
Stamp the Rocky Block stamp within the pencil mark using metal leaf glue and add Variegated Copper metal flakes.  Burnish away the excess flakes.
Mat the large topper onto the front of the card and insert the white frame.
To finish, stamp Happy Birthday (Word Chain 2 and Word Chain 3) in black ink.

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