Sunday 16 June 2019

Mirri Card and Alcohol Ink with a Stencil

I was looking for a new way to show off a stencil and decided to try using silver mirri card and alcohol inks to add a bit of bling.  I used the new Peacock Floral Urn stencil from Clarity for the project.

Emboss a piece of silver mirri card using the peacock Floral Urn stencil.  With the stencil still in place, add Sunset Orange, Honeycomb and Watermelon Alcohol inks onto the card using a felt pad and blending tool.
Spray isopropyl alcohol onto the inky stencil and emboss between two pieces of 7” x 7” stencil card. NB Use a face mask, gloves and work in a well ventilated area when spraying alcohol.
Brush Blaze, Orange Popsicle and Hay Stack Artistry inks over the embossed piece of stencil card using Clarity stencil brushes. Trim back to 1cm on each side.
Use a ruler and a sharp knife to cut the frame out of the alcohol ink transfer piece. Trim back to 1.5cm on each side and add a black line on the inside edges.
Cut pieces of the mirri card and add them to the embossed piece matching up the pattern carefully.
Add several of Barbara’s sentiment stickers.
Add the frame to the embossed piece.
To finish, add the whole thing to the front of a 7” x 7” black card blank.

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MiamiKel said...

Sarah, this is so pretty and shiny! Gorgeous card!