Thursday 13 June 2019

Triple Heat Embossed Tiles on a Card

I haven't done any triple heat embossing for a while, but I felt that the layout of this card was perfect for it.  If you look closely, you can see which three tiles have been embossed.
 Attach the peacock floral urn stencil to a piece of 7” x 7” stencil card using masking tape to create a hinge at the top. Brush Tenacious Teal and Green Garland Artistry inks through the stencil, overlapping the colours in the middle.
With the stencil still in place, add the petite feather stencil over the top and brush the same colour inks through it. Move the stencil and repeat, changing ink colour to match the background until complete.
With the stencil in place, use a Versamark pen to add embossing ink to the peacock within the vase. Heat emboss with detail clear powder. Repeat for a super glossy finish.
Remove the stencil and go over the vase shape with a black embossing pen. Heat emboss with detail clear powder.
Trim the card back to the edge of the stencilled section. Cut the topper into 9 equal squares (4.7cm x 4.7cm).
Add Versamark ink to two of the squares and heat emboss with detail clear embossing powder. Repeat twice for a super glossy tile effect. Go back over the vase with a Versamark pen and heat emboss for a third time with detail clear embossing powder.
Add the tiles to a 7” x 7” black card blank, leaving a gap between each tile and a border around the edge of the card.
To finish, add two of Barbara’s sentiment stickers between the rows of tiles.

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