Sunday 24 February 2019

Clean and Simple Thank You Card

This card is for my son and his girlfriend who hosted us for the most wonderful break in Romania.  I wanted to theme the card, so used the colours of the Romanian flag in the background.
I cut a piece of Clarity stencil card to measure 13.5cm x 13.5cm.  To create the 'flag' I used Amsterdam acrylic inks, adding a little ink at the top, then misting with water to encourage drippage.  I dried each colour before adding the next.  First Primary Cyan.
Next, Primary Yellow.
Finally, Pyrrole Red.
I cut a piece of black paper to 11.5cm x 11.5cm and used the bonus die that I received on joining the Clarity die club.  By joining early and paying for the year up front I was gifted the extra die which was perfect for this card.
I glued the die cut over the background in the centre.
This was then matted onto another piece of black paper (14cm x 14cm) and added to a 6" x 6" white card blank.
Thanks again for the most amazing experience.  Hope you can come and see us soon.


Sue C said...

I haven't used my die yet but don't the dies help make a stunning quick card when needed. This is a lovely card & the inky background is again another that the colours could be changed to give so many different effects. Thakns for sharing.

Lynne Bishop said...

Clever idea. Lovely thank-you card for your week away. X