Monday 4 February 2019

A Watercolour Painting Using the Dew Drop Fairy Stencil

I hope everyone caught the first couple of shows for the Clarity One Day Special on Hochanda yesterday evening. I loved playing with the new fairy stencils and stamps and they are available as dies and Groovi plates too.  This is the first sample that I made using the Dew Drop Fairy stencil and a technique that I previously used on another piece (see HERE).  The finished piece would look great in a square frame with a mount.

 To start with, I cut a piece of mixed media card to 16.5cm x 16.5cm and laid the fairy stencil over the top.  Using very light strokes and the ink left on a stencil brush, I blended Midnight Blue Artistry ink over the top.
For the remaining 'painting' I used my glass mat as an ink palette and added a variety of Artistry inks and a little Pumice Stone Distress Oxide.  These were picked up and mixed with a water brush and painted over the white areas.  I have found that you get different effects depending on the amount of Distress Oxide that is mixed with the dye based Artistry inks.  The mushroom was painted in a combination of Moon Crater, Aged Stucco, Black Shadow and Old Parchment Artistry inks with a little added Pumice Stone Oxide.
The seed heads were painted in a mix of Blaze and Orange Popsicle Artistry inks with and without the addition of Pumice Stone Oxide.
I decided to turn the fairy into an elf and painted his clothing in Amazon Trail Artistry ink, his face, arms and legs in Dry weed and his hat and shoes in Roasted Chestnut.  His wings were painted in Ocean Reef and Moon Crater Artistry inks with the occasional addition of the Distress Oxide.
To finish, the butterfly was painted to match the wings of the elf, with the addition of a little Black Shadow on the body and antennae.
This is the journal page that I created using the same technique.  It was the first time that I had experimented with the mixture of dye based inks and Distress Oxides for painting and I found the technique very effective.


Lynne Bishop said...

Different idea. Think it would be the only way I could create a painting. Thanks for sharing Sarah. X

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of this watercolor painting. I like how you allowed some of the colors to blend together.

Your January page makes me feel cold, not glowing (grin).