Wednesday 19 September 2018

WOYWW 485: A Change of Schedule

I only have one side of the desk to share today.  This is because Eva will be joining me to craft on Thursday this week, rather than Tuesday when I usually take the photos and write the post.  I have been keeping up quite well with the visiting, despite working on Wednesdays now.  I visit a few early deskers before I leave for work at 7am and try to catch up with as many more as I can when I get in.  If you want to know what I'm talking about then head over to The Stamping Ground, where all will be explained.
My side of the desk shows a journal page that I finished late Tuesday morning.  I used some of the stamps that Shaz (Silverwolf) kindly gave me at the crop, working in my birthday journal with the hand made paper (see HERE for details if interested).  As you can see, my craft 'to do' list is as long as ever, although the top section shows what has been done and dusted as it is crossed out.  I try to plan ahead so that I don't fall too far behind with the challenges in the various groups that I belong to.  Some are monthly, but there are one weekly and two fortnightly challenges, so I like to keep track.  I'll leave it there for now.  Will be along to visit later today or tomorrow when I am not working.  Happy WOYWW everyone.

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