Saturday 29 September 2018

Steampunk Mask

This mask was made for a challenge, to create a 3D Steampunk item.  I love how layers of Amsterdam acrylic paints created the rust/patina effect on what started as a white papier mâché mask.
I started by giving the  white papier mâché mask a coat of Amsterdam black gesso.
To create the forehead panels,  I cut three pieces of funky foam and gave them a coat of black gesso.
I then used my Crop-A-Dile II from WeRMemory Keepers to add metal grommets to each piece.
These were glued into place using a hot glue gun.
I had a piece of clear corrugated pipe which I rescued off the skip.  This was painted in black gesso.  Once dry, the holes at each side of the mask were enlarged and the pipe twisted into position.
To add further interest to the face, I glued various Pop-Ems from the Fix-It set (Creative Expressions) onto the cheeks as well as adding several flat metal washers from the garage.
Some anti slip matting was given a coat of Pewter Amsterdam acrylic paint and glued into position behind the other eye socket.
To finish adding interest and texture, I used my hot glue gun from Tonic Studios to add lines onto the cheeks and chin and around one of the eye sockets.
Once I was happy with the look,  I gave the whole thing another coat of black gesso, leaving the washer over the eye socket silver.
To create the rust/patina effect,  I built up layers of Amsterdam acrylic paints, using my fingers to dab them on and blend them out.  I started with #234 Raw Sienna
Followed by highlights of #661 Turquoise Green.
#815 Pewter provided the next layer.
Finished off with some highlights in#411 Burnt Sienna.
I added some of the same colours to the washer over the eye as I felt it was a little too much of a stark contrast otherwise.

I love how the piece turned out and considering that my only extra outlay was £1 for the mask itself,  I will be raiding the garage more often for supplies!

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