Friday 7 September 2018

Alcohol Ink Experiment on Microscope Slides and Yupo Paper

I found a box of glass microscope slides when cleaning out the garage recently and put them to one side in my craft shed.  I decided to get them out yesterday and see what I could do with alcohol inks on them.  I also ended up with a lovely Yupo paper background.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but enjoyed experimenting.

I started by laying some glass slides, including one broken one, onto a piece of A5 Yupo paper.
I then played around with five different Ranger Alcohol inks, a fine mister filled with isopropyl alcohol (99.9%) and a drinking straw.  First I added drops of 'Stream'.
Then 'Pool'.
Followed by 'Mermaid'.
A light mist with isopropyl alcohol.
Added some drops of 'Citrus'.
Then 'Botanical'.
Isopropyl alcohol.
Then drops of Stream again. This time I also blew through a drinking straw to move the wet ink around.
More Pool was added, and the straw used again.
A further mist with the alcohol.
Followed by Mermaid and some more puffing through a straw!
Citrus and a straw.
Followed by another round of Botanical and... yep a straw!
Another light mist with the isopropyl alcohol.
At this point I carefully removed the microscope slides.
A final light mist with alcohol and the Yupo paper was left to dry.
I decided not to mist the slides again.
As I've said,  I'm not sure what I am going to do with the slides or the Yupo background yet, but it was fun creating them.  Once my Alcohol Lift Ink arrives I will probably have a further play.

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