Tuesday 30 May 2017

Shaving Foam Marble Printing

I haven't used this technique for creating backgrounds for ages, but having seen a journal page by Sue Ralph recently using a shaving foam background, I decided to have a session. As you can see, the effect gives you a look of marble and you can never be sure of the exact finish until you clean off the foam.

First print.
To start with, you need a shallow container (I used the lid of an A4 storage box), some shaving foam and some water based ink such as Distress re inkers, Aqua Tints or Ecoline inks.  You can use Alcohol inks for this, but they tend to sink to the bottom of the foam and the prints are not as clear.  Spray some cheap shaving foam into the shallow container, spread it out with a ruler and drip on some inks;  I used watered down Aqua Tints in pink, blue and green (53,07,22).  I used the end of a brush to swirl the inks around in the foam then pressed my first sheet of Sheena's stamping card onto the top.  Once removed, the foam is scraped off back into the container, revealing the print.
Before foam scraped off

After foam scraped off.

Once the foam is smoothed out again, you can continue taking prints until the colour becomes too faded, although more can be added as you work.
Second Print

Third Print

Colour fading

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