Thursday 25 May 2017

Parchlet for Manchester: We Stand Together

I started this parchlet on Tuesday, but I wanted to do justice to the white work as it is for all the innocent men, women and children who were killed or injured on Monday evening.  I am not from Manchester, but I admire the resilience, sense of community and spirit of co-operation that the people of Greater Manchester have shown in the face of such evil and tragedy.

The layout doesn't need much explanation; the dove represents the innocent, the music represents the event and the colours represent our nation standing together, with a black border representing sorrow.  The fourth and fifth frames from the centre of the nesting squares were the starting point.  I then added part of the music stave from the Music Score plate.  The dove comes from the smallest stained glass window on the Dove Window plate and the lettering from the Mini Plate Mate which comes with the Groovi New Design Club (all Claritystamp).  The border inlay was part of one of the grid patterns on the straight border grid plate 1.
I really took my time over the white work; gradually moving from #6 to #4.5 to #3  Pergamano ball tools over several days, letting the parchment rest in between.  I used the Pergamano embossing mat under the work.  I could probably have taken even longer over the white work, but I wanted to make sure it was finished in time to share today.

The colour scheme uses distress markers, coloured from behind (with the white work left plain); Black Soot, Blueprint Sketch and Festive Berries.
Finally I pricked and snipped a picot edge (still need more practice at the pricking part), then matted the parchlet onto a slightly smaller piece of white card, hiding the double sided tape behind the black border.  This was then matted and layered further onto blue, white, red and black card to mirror the colours used on the parchment.

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