Sunday 12 March 2017

Here's Where I Went With It: art journal prompts Week 3 - Music

Having become stuck over what to do with this page to finish it off, I decided to leave it overnight, ask some fellow crafters for advice and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.  This is what I did in the end, thanks to my crafting friend who joins me in my shed once a week for some companionable craftiness.  Thanks to everyone who commented, I did read them all and have made a mental note of some great ideas for future projects.
The final project

If you are interested in how I created the background, you can check out my blog post HERE.  In the end I decided to go with the speech bubble method of adding the quote as it ties in with the theme of language.  Instead of adding a black border directly around the edge of the speech bubble, I drew round the die onto black card and cut it out to provide a separate, wider mat to make it 'pop' against the bright background of flags.  I also cut down the rest of the quote into individual sections, matted these onto black card and glued them back onto the new speech bubble.  I also offset the speech bubble towards the bottom right hand corner, rather than leaving it more central. I much prefer the new version of the speech bubble quote; it is clean and simple and provides a stark contrast to the busyness of the background, while the colours of the word 'music' emphasise the prompt and tie it in to the background.
My original thought for adding the quote.

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