Friday 18 August 2023

August Daily Drawings: Over Half Way

 I am over half way through August with my #dailydrawing2023 challenge to myself.  I am determined to keep going in memory of my Dad who passed away on the 6th and who always 'liked' my drawings on social media.

The prompts I am following this month.
Or rather hopefully not!
The Y8 Prom was just before the school holidays.
My Dad loved his garden.
The morning Dad died.  We had spent the previous day with him in hospital and there was a lot of this.
His father was a barber so this was an apt prompt.
How Dad used to fill the boat engine with fuel when we were younger.
He loved music and had taken up the piano again over the last year or so.
One of Dad's favourite records - we all know the words to these songs.
And they have to be with maple syrup.
I haven't worked in this for a while.
Nothing like a pile of books waiting to be read!
It was Dad who introduced me to the Original Series when I was very young.

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Helen said...

some poignant daily sketches! take care xx