Wednesday 14 June 2023

WOYWW 732: The Countdown Begins

Phew what a scorcher the last week has been.  We have been grateful for a couple of rainstorms which have brought the temperatures down overnight, although yesterday it was 24 degrees in the shed by 9am.

As you can see I had very happy mail yesterday - a lovely ATC complete with rocking horse from Bleubeard and Elizabeth.  It means a great deal and the list of reasons for WOYWW is perfect.

I have only 25 report comments to write now.  The deadline was later than I thought (23rd June) so I gave myself a break last Thursday and at the weekend and did some crafting instead.  I will bite the bullet tomorrow instead and finish the last of them.  Next Thursday I will tweak and upload them.

The vessel with the pestle has the pill that is ill.
As you can see, the last couple of prompts for my #dailydrawing2023 have been rather apt.
We are into the home straight with school now.  Classes for next year are being organised and new form tutors chosen.  After today I only have another 16 work days and must admit that with the increased heat I am feeling ready for the holidays.
Don't forget to visit Julia at Stamping Ground to find out more about WOYWW and find links to desks more interesting than mine.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.


  1. well done on breaking the back of the comments, and great that you had some crafting time too! Loving the latest daily drawings, perfect!

    I am definitely ready for my week off next week, just hope the rain doesn't spoil the plans! Hey ho... Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  2. Oh Sarah, I was SO worried you would think the ATC was rubbish. It was all I could do with one hand. I even tried to put an ink pad down to hold the ATC in place while I wrote on it. I am SO glad you got it.

    We in the states, for the most part, have air conditioning in our homes. If I didn't have it, I would die. I can't take the heat, but the cold doesn't bother me. I am so sorry you have to put up with that. Our schools are out for the summer, so I feel for you, especially if you can't open the windows in your classrooms.

    I really like Cedar and Linen. At first, I didn't see the L in Sandal and thought it read Sanda at which time my brain read Santa. Got a bit of a laugh in the end. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  3. How I remember the lead to holidays. Glad yu have broken the back of the reports and that you managed to give yourself a day off.
    Ouch to the heat in the shed, luckily my craft room is the coolest in the house.
    Enjoy the wind down.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  4. Oh far too hot for me, think my bedroom must be like your shed - LOL although it seems to be down to 21 C this morning - off to Asda in a mo that will be cooling! Super drawings, love the bolster one and the little rhyme about the vessel. My new reader actually materialised yesterday and what a delight she is, forgot how much I enjoyed doing reading with the kiddos. Hugs BJ#10

  5. Hi Sarah. I knew there had been rain somewhere as hubby mentioned it on the phone the other day, he's doing his tour of England at the moment moderating artwork exam marks. Only one more week to go. I do not have good memories of exam times when the halls were so hot and as soon as the exams were over it would cool down and rain Lol! Good luck with the reports. Loving the new journal pages too and wishing you a very happy woyww, Angela x7x

  6. I think you’ll find the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true. 🤣🤣. Such a great film. I watched it at my son’s a while ago.
    Great drawings. Happy WOYWW. Angela #11

  7. I have shortened 5 dresses and 2 pair of trousers and now waiting for my next customer so taking a quick break to pop round a few blogs.
    I hope the last of the reports go well and you manage to keep cool.
    Annie x #5

  8. Counting down with you . . .
    Crafting breaks are always welcome
    Enjoy the week
    Christine #14

  9. Ha ha! As soon as I saw "Vessel" I thought of the vessel with the pestle...and there was the quote! One of our fav movies! Your temps are high! Ours are still low, today is 14° and that is higher than yesterday. We get the heat in July though! Yay for the end of the year, you deserve a good holiday! Have a great week, Lindart #16

  10. Hi Sarah, thanks for the earlier visit, once again I am behind, mind you looks like it won't take me too long to catch up, everyone must be in the garden. From a distance the end of the school year seems to have crept up really fast! Sounds like you have paced yourself just right with the reports, it must be an awful lot of work. Have a good week, love n hugs Cindyxx #13

  11. Love the cedar. And Day 162!!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #8

  12. Ah, your disciplined approach to the reports has really paid off, well done you! I'm loving the heat, but to a certain exten t haven't had to rush about in it, and certainly not work, so I guess it's very much easier for me. We haven't even pulled out out AC unit so are obviously not finding it too bad this summer, don't know why! Love your prompts this week, that's a nice sensible pair of sandals!

  13. Good morning, Sarah!
    Yeah for end of the term. I know you're ready for the break. We went from beautiful days to instant heat - a trend that sparked a lot of storms across northern Texas and the midwest last night. With the Summer Solstice approaching, I guess it 'tis the season.
    I always look forward to your sketches.
    Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #15


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