Thursday 1 July 2021

Half A Year of Daily Drawings

 Little did I think when I embarked on this self imposed challenge on the 1st January that I would last half a year, but I have indeed completed a #drawingaday every day of 2021 so far.  I work in a Daler Rowney cartridge paper sketchbook and use a fine black Posca pen over a pencil sketch.  Here are the latest drawings.

Being a teacher, this seemed an obvious response to the prompt.
I had seen a similar drawing when responding to a previous prompt and it seemed apt for this one.
A quick and simple response.
The day before Father's Day, but apt nonetheless.
I had previously drawn a treasure chest in response to this prompt so decided to make a change this time.
Of course the weather decided to change after I drew this lol.
Once again, I wanted something different having previously drawn glasses and an eye!
This response needed to be quick and simple with a busy day ahead.
Hubby has been hanging new doors recently.
Another straight forward response.
With the delayed Tokyo Olympics coming up, I thought this was an apt response.
The prompt should have been prize but I misread my own handwriting lol.
A quickie for the start of the working week.
The sun was the hottest thing I could think of.  A bit of an abstract version.
Made it to half way through the year!

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Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You amaze me all the time to be able to keep this up. Well done xXx