Saturday 17 July 2021

Downhill All the Way: Daily Drawing Update

 Having passed the half way point of 2021, I am now closer to the end of my new year's resolution challenge than the start.  I find that I am finding it easier to come up with ideas for prompts and also more confident in drawing my own ideas rather than using tutorials or copying images that I find online.  Here is the fist half of July!

An easy one to start the month.
I did follow a tutorial for this one - it was excellent (see HERE).
No help needed here.  It reminded me of inner tubing in Canada.
Maybe we'll be able to fist bump again soon.
My dad had a briefcase just like this.
I realised after drawing this that the rail would just fall over lol.
Very quick and easy.
Drawn the morning after England made it through to the finals of Euro 2021 - only one interpretation of foam possible lol.
I do enjoy a tasty pasty.
Most likely to be a staycation in the UK this year.
I almost drew the three lions of England as it was the final of Euro 2020, but in the long run, my craft shed is more important to me.
Not even my favourite chocolate chip will get me over the disappointment of losing the final!  Proud of the England team though.
Always enjoy an early morning Toffee Nut Latte.
Another easy response as I am a season ticket holder at Stoke City Football Club.
Easy to come up with something for this prompt.
The last drawing for this post - over the hump for July.

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