Wednesday 10 June 2020

WOYWW 575: Waiting for the New Rota

I thought I'd follow Julia's example and try out a new font for my latest desk sharing post for WOYWW.  She is, after all, the queen of desks and we join her each Wednesday at the Stamping Ground to share our latest desk views.
So here's my latest desk shot.  I must admit that I have been doing a lot of work online over the  last week, as reports are due today and with over 150 to write, I have been spreading them out.  As a result, I am sharing my second tag journal following the Quarantine Quickie prompts on the Mission Inspiration Facebook page.  I have made 56/64 of the prompts into tag pages at the moment and have eight of them still to share on my blog.  Eagle eyed readers will have spotted that Tom and Peter have been replaced with my new Deflecto Washi tape storage drawers.  I now have all my Washi tape and Tim Holtz designer tape in one place with a little space to spare.
Thanks for all the well wishes about school last week.  I enjoyed the three days that I was in and it was cool to see a few more Y7 and Y8 pupils (children of key workers) that I had not seen before half term.  We are currently waiting for the new staff rota to come out, as there will be an additional Y6 hub starting next Monday to go with the three already in school plus the KS2 and KS3 key worker hubs.  In the mean time I am working from home this week and possibly next.  A shout out to Y7 and Y8 pupils and I will be round to visit desks when I have double checked all my reports.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW  everyone.


  1. I do like a Sans Serif font so your choice is good for me - I'm a Helvetica girl! Hope the report writing is going well, it must be trickier this year. Glad your trips into school have been ok and that all are keeping well.
    Hugs LLJ 12 xx
    PS Bring back Tom and Peter please, I miss them.... ;-)

  2. To be a teacher, in whichever kind it is, must be so busy I guess!!! - I love your tags. I have one question (as I did make some) What use are they for if any? Unfortunately, I know no one I can share these things with.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #22

  3. Morning Sarah. Oh - how I detested writing reports! All the very best with them. You must have a fantastic memory for names and faces - and teach a subject which means you see each child more than once a fortnight!!! - which was how I ended up when I was teaching.
    You have demoted Tom and Peter. I do hope they are still somewhere in your shed, and not miles away. You have an impressive array of Washi tapes - wow!
    I like your tags - they look good all slayed out like that. Well done.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. Love your new look, Sarah. All this IT speak is a bit baffling to me, lol.
    It's very strange being back in school. We are Primary so are taking back 3 years, although only about half of each class has returned. I think Parents are still understandably weary but the children seem to be glad to be back even if it is very different. I am in the office and that has been very quiet so am only doing part time. Our office manager is continuing to work from home.
    Hopefully September will see a more normal look to things.
    Have a good week and good luck with the reports.

    Hugs Lisax #24

  5. Tom and Peter obviously have to lift their game when a new Deflector storage drawer takes their place. But, then again their are some beautiful looking wash tapes in storage. Well done for completing so many of the tags while working and juggling so many reports. Hope you get time for all you need to do in your creative week.
    Sandra de @7

  6. Sans serif fonts definitely have a clean look, and this seems to be the modern fashion, and yours is certainly easier to read than Julia's new one, but on the whole, serif fonts are better for body text. They have always been used traditionally, because the serifs lead the eye forwards for ease of reading. Ask any typesetter! Anyway, that aside, the content of your blog post is what engages me the most - those tags are just gorgeous, and what a lot of work you have put into them! I am so glad you've been able to get into school. There are definitely signs of things easing up, and hopefully before long you will be back, engaging fully with your little charges again. Keep up the good work! I am sure you have been very encouraging to them all, and their parents, during the lockdown.

    Thank you for your visit. So glad you like my jumper. I finished the ribbing late last night and it's come out looser than before but I'm happy with it - it will just give the jumper a slightly different look from before. The mis-shapenness of it doesn't seem to show, either. I have decided to leave the sleeves as they are because when I tried it on, they don't seem to be too long any more. So it's really nearly finished now and ready to wear next winter. Onwards and upwards to the next UFO on the list!

    I don't anticipate hearing from Exeter unless I chase them up, and I am quite sure nothing will happen this year, anyway. My operation is not on the urgent list, and they must have a huge backlog. I just don't want to slip underneath their radar again - after what happened before, I don't trust their system! I just hope my condition doesn't deteriorate too much before they get round to dealing with it. My hubby worries about it constantly!!

    The kitties could give us all lessons in relaxing, couldn't they! Looking at them like that, it's hard to believe how wild they were with that baby bird.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #14

  7. The tags are looking fabulous and well done you for keeping to it and getting so many done. I love the sitting duck on the arm chair. I now have washi tape storage envy - I have mine stuffed in a drawer and they are so difficult to rummage through that I find I don't bother using them - I feel enabling happening!
    So glad you had such enjoyable days at school, happy report writing,
    Diana x #5

  8. good luck with the reports! I am taking a short break from work too to have my lunch and visit a few desks. Hope your new rota is good for you when it comes. Helen #1

  9. Oh my! what memories....reports don't you just love them! I remember when I first started teaching that we did one a year but not now though I suspect it's better for parents not to get an awful shock at the end of term Lol! I was rather annoyed when I heard a guy on an interview saying that it was okay for teachers staying at home and getting paid for it, little does he know how hard teachers have been working and I actually think it might be harder than being in school. Take care, have a lovely week and a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x19x

  10. Don't forget all the holidays teachers have - and the short hours - so report writing must be a doddle. Until you are or live with a teacher. My husband soon started speaking out for teachers when he saw the hours I used to put in. I don't envy you one bit report writing. Good to space them out like that.
    Those tags look lovely, keep at them.
    Hugs Neet xx11
    ps stay safe and well

  11. Hi sarah, great tape storage. I think I have maybe three rolls, lol.Love the tag selection, reminds me I haven't watched any of his videos for a while, must have a look and see why they're not popping up in my You Tube feed. It seems fonts are a bit of a problem with this update at the moment, had a real struggle getting mine big enough to read at the weekend, but it's a minor niggle so far. Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #13 X

  12. Oh was just looking at the washi tape organiser then I read all about it. I used to have loads but like my acrylic paints half died on the rolls. Went through the lot the other week and had to chuck half as you just couldn't use them anymore. That will teach me to not do any serious crafting for 2-3 years!!! Loving your tags, you've done my age and the set total is my birth year. Numbers eh? Thanks for the visit BJ#21

  13. Yep, now they’ve changed the face of Trebuchet, I’m trying different fonts too, although SHoshi tells me that Helvetica is very hard to read on the phone, and that serif fonts are naturally easier on the eye. I did not know that, and am going to continue to experiment! Ive been enjoying your tags, a bit as that there’s only 8 to go! Well done you, you sure do have a tenacity for the long haul! You also have waaaaaay more washi and tapes than I have, and I rarely use them. I shall be watching with interest to see if that fab set of drawers encourages you to stick washi on everything!

  14. Hope school goes well- I am not needed in school at the moment so will continue to work from home when our yr 10's go in next week. We have also always been open for key workers but there are only a handful taking this up. Have a great week xxSoojay #20

  15. Sounds like you have a good plan getting your reports done without being overwhelmed all at once! Great tags! That's a nice looking washi tape holder! I keep forgetting out my washi tape.
    Have a great week and thanks for popping by!
    Carol N #27

  16. Hi Sarah, I certainly don't envy teachers at the best of times, but during this lockdown, definitely not. What a difficult job! I'm lucky to work from home, but I'll be glad to start going back in the office occasionally, although I believe I will be one of the last group to return. You've used some love colours on your tags. Thanks for stopping by, I will check out Hunkdory website, and see if they have any ideas for the toppers. Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #3

  17. Hi Sarah, writing reports seems a big task. Do you keep notes throughout the year? Diane said she loved the sitting duck, so I went back to the picture thinking she meant an ornament :). I did spot the duck on the arm chair. :). Well I miss seeing your Doctor Who photographs but the Washi tape looks impressive. I haven’t seen Doctor Who this week, my husband taped Buffy for me! Keep well x Angela #28

  18. If the washi fits with space then you don't have enough washi! My daughter went back on Monday (year 6) but we've still got my year 9 son at home. Have a great week, Lisa-Jane #22

  19. HI Sarah, I cannot even imagine how hard that is as an adjustment for everyone, teachers, kids, parents. I have had that stray thought more than once that I am glad there was not any lock downs when my son was growing up. or is it that I am glad he is grown. Well, you get what I am thinking at any rate. I like this font, but I am also reading it on a laptop if that helps any. ~Stacy #30

  20. Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for your visit yesterday. Firstly, that washi tape storage looks fantastic. I have my collection in a small shopping basket from Tiger Tiger, I think (must show that next Wednesday). However, I have started to buy a few more each month and will need some more storage soon. I also get fed up of having to rummage through it. Secondly, your life as a teacher has definitely got more complicated due to Covid-19! I have finished my first zine - and blog post being typed up this morning. Ali x #16

  21. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my blog, Good luck with te reports and don't envy you have to do them all,
    Great tags

    Take care stay safe and well,

    Love liliam B #8

  22. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your visit. Your desk looks very organised and inviting. A good storage system is such a joy, and room for a little more is the icing on the cake! You seem to be getting the right balance between report writing and creative activities - the tags look like just the right thing to be able to pick up and put down without feeling like you have to stop and clear a big space. I've become very adept at packing away my laptop and work paraphernalia to make way for my sewing machine whilst mask-making in the evenings, and then reversing the procedure the following morning!
    Have a good week!

    Amelia #34

  23. I hope the report writing went OK given the way teaching has gone recently. I really don't know how Alex's teachers are going to assess him - especially his French teacher who has set nothing since Easter! I absolutely love your washi tape storage - I will have to investigate as my washi tapes are falling all over my desk in a complete mess! Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xx (#9)

  24. I love the tags. I started the ICAD challenge and that keeps me busy for the summer months. I started back to work a couple of weeks and it was nice getting back to “normal” but I’m still hesitant to do any more outside of the house. Stay safe and busy my friend. Dorlene #35

  25. I forgot to mention thanks for the book recommendation. I’m going to check it out. Dorlene #35

  26. Hi Sarah! You are very busy! I'm awed at how organized your school system is, we are struggling with how to get Day Cares open again, never mind school! Your tag booklets are looking great, what a great reminder of this time we are all having. Thanks for your visit, stay safe, Lindart #29

  27. That's a lot of beautiful tags, well done,
    Chris #6

  28. Sarah, I admire your energy levels, how on earth do you cram so much into your life? Do you ever sleep? Fab tags and I clearly (no pun intended) need to add that washi tape storage to my wish list. x


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