Wednesday 11 April 2018

WOYWW 462: Getting Back in the Swing of Work

Well that week certainly rolled round quickly!  I have been crafting alone this week as my usual visitor on the other side of the desk has been away.  I won't see her in the shed for a few weeks now, as exam season is in full swing and she will be busy travelling the country on her days off conducting A Level exams.  However, as she managed two sessions last week, I made sure to get a photo of her side of the desk to share this week.
I have been very good this week.  I was determined to get a little school work completed each day so that I can fit in crafting too and so far have kept to my timetable.  I also decided that it was time to tackle my exploding bag and box.  My desk holds the contents of my exploding bag (I had already tackled the box and managed to halve the contents).  I have a pack rat mentality and don't like to throw away 'potentially useful' pieces of card and paper.  As you can see, I also keep paper towel mop up sheets and pieces of deli paper and copy paper that have been used to clean off my craft mat, blending mat, brushes and brayers.  All the pieces of card have been trimmed or culled and now fit in the exploding box without it exploding.  The mop up sheets are in a neat pile ready to add to tags and journal pages as ready made backgrounds.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know how often that I start a piece in that way.  As another bonus, all the small off cuts of decent white card have been trimmed to ATC size, so I have over 60 ATC blanks to hand.  As the 9th anniversary of WOYWW will be with us before we know it, I have at least made a start (not that I will be making 60 ATCs for that event)!
This was the other side of the desk last Wednesday.  Eva wanted to prove that she can craft neatly if she really tries lol.  She was painting some stamped images with her Cosmic Shimmer water colour paints and using her palette of mica paints made with Pixie Powders mixed with water. 
Please join Julia at the Stamping Ground to find out more about WOYWW and the crop where we will be meeting up in September.  Lots of other desks are available to see from all round the world!

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