Wednesday 27 March 2024

WOYWW 773: Arrangements Made

Still trying to stick to a routine although I haven't visited any desks recently. Paul's funeral will be on 15th April and arrangements are slowly being made.  We haven't finalised the Order of Service and visual tribute yet but we are working on them.

My Mum kindly made some crocheted hearts for us so when I went to make the funeral arrangements I left one in the pocket of his suit and have one each for myself, the boys and Paul's only brother.
Crafting a little each day has helped keep me on an even keel.  Back in January we cashed in our Christmas present from my sister for a meal and theatre show (Wicked) in London and I also bought some tickets for The Lion King.  Those tickets are for this evening and tomorrow.  Rather than waste the tickets my middle son is taking me down to London for a couple of nights and we are going to see the shows in Paul's honour.  My youngest will be going over to his uncle's, where he will be cat sitting over Easter too.  I went over to my recorder group in Lichfield yesterday too as I wanted some sense of normality.
Thanks again for all the love and support I have had from everyone.  Please visit Julia at Stamping Ground for more desks.


Helen said...

Leaving a crocheted heart in Paul's pocket is a lovely thing. I am glad you are getting things sorted for the funeral, and that you are going ahead with the trip to London. It will be bittersweet indeed, but I hope you enjoy it for Paul.

Take care, and don't worry about visiting desks until you feel ready. Hugs, happy WOYWW xx Helen # ?

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The hearts are a lovely thought and pleased you are keeping to your plans. Have a great woyww. Sending hugs, Angela x?x

Neet said...

Such a lovely idea of your Mum to make those hearts, may they bring you some comfort especially on the 15th of next month.
It will be bittersweet going to London but it is a lovely idea and I do hope you manage to lose yourself in the production when you get there.
In the meantime I am glad that crafting is helping you get through the days.
Thinking of you, Neet xx

Lynnecrafts said...

It’s so lovely to leave a crochet heart in Paul’s pocket, and for your Mum to give you all one too. Enjoy the Lion King and your trip to London, Sarah. I’m sure it’s what Paul would have wanted you to do.
Sending big hugs,
Take care
Lynnecrafts 4 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I tried to comment on your post by going through Facebook but like a fool I couldn't remember my Google password so lost the comment...then it occurred to me to come to your actual blog! Doh! Very glad to read that you're away for a couple of days, I think you deserve it after the plannng for Paul's funeral, and I'm sure he would thoroughly approve of not letting the tickets go to waste..I hope you really enjoy both shows, I'm sure you will. So glad that the collage page making is helping you to feel tethered to something, your choice of text stickers is really charting your new path.

Crafting With Jack said...

The crochet heart is a lovely idea. Your collages are great including your added words. Sending love, enjoy the show beacause Paul would have wanted you too. Angela xx