Friday 1 December 2023

One Month to Go: Daily Drawings 2023

 Here are my #dailydrawing2023 self challenge offerings for the second half of November.  I can't believe there is only one month to go.

With the weather as it is I could do with being here!
Apparently the name of a character in the Zelda game.
I thought drawing shoes would be a bit obvious.
The bulb is on its way out!
Nothing like a nice hot drink!
I do love broccoli.
Nice solid work.
We are lucky to be able to turn on a tap and get fresh water.
I have had this prompt in two previous years and had to come up with a third idea!
I thought a cornucopia fitted the prompt.
I went with a whale.
A Cyrano style bust.
A nice straight forward prompt.
Another easy one!
Glad for another straight forward prompt as next month's look challenging.

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