Wednesday 27 December 2023

WOYWW 760: Last of the Year

 Welcome to my last WOYWW desk share of 2023 - I can't believe that it will be 2024 by next week!

I am starting to sort through my stash ready for my new collage challenge in 2024.  I shall not be afraid to let the white space in the background of the page show.
I have been rewatching Glee.
We will be seeing Mum for her birthday today as a family but enjoyed Christmas dinner with just the 5 of us at #1 and #2 sons' house as is becoming tradition.  We lit a candle to remember Dad.  I still have the rest of the memory cats to wrap up as my sister (a GP) is working today and won't get there until late.  The boys had theirs yesterday but the rest won't receive them until later so I will post pictures next week.
Hope you have chance to pop over to Stamping Ground and join in with Julia et al with WOYWW.  There is an exciting announcement for a crop in 2024 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the group.  The hall is booked!!!  Penkhull Village Hall, Trent Valley Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 5JB.  We have it from 9am until 5pm so the crop will be starting between 9.30-10 and will have to finish by 4.30 at the latest to allow us time to clean and tidy.  Eva and I will be co-hosting and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.
Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Ooh, how good is that - the Crop! Different venue, and closer to me so hopefully I will be there. I cannot believe you have still kept up with the daily drawings, good for you.
    Happy New Year to you
    Hugs, neet 7 xx

  2. Great news about the Crop, I shall investigate trains! I am pleased you've found a new daily challenge to continue into 2024 - I can't believe this year has gone already (well, almost) Happy WOYWW and hope you enjoy the break till term re-starts, I am off until the 2nd as well. Helen #8

  3. Great news about the Crop Sarah-thanks for organising it. We’ll look at making a short holiday round that time in our motorhome. Catriona

  4. Oh that's brilliant news Sarah. We will look forward to that. Also looking forward to seeing your collage challenge too! Happy New Year. x x Jo

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  6. Woohoo to another Crop, thank you so much for organising, I will be there! I’m so glad you’ve had a good Christmas and today’s celebration too, the first one without your Dad must have been hard, sending hugs xx
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

  7. Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family, Sarah, and it's lovely that you can see your mum today for her birthday. The crop sounds exciting - it all depends on being able to get there - will see how it goes! Best wishes for the New Year and new creative challenges! xx zsuzsa #12

  8. Great drawings, I love the cat heart. I am very sad to say the crop will be too far away for me. We will be 2 hours and 18 minutes away in Appleby. Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year. Angela #1

  9. Loved Friend and Greenery! Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW! Susan #14

  10. I was thinking of you; I know the first Christmas after losing a family member is so hard. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year.
    A crop in Penkhull, how exciting! We used to live just down from there, in James St. Thank you to you and Eva for organising it. I shall have to come up and spend the rest of my time visiting all my family.
    I’ve enjoyed your daily drawings and shall look forward to seeing your collages.
    Ye ale care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 16 xx

  11. What fantastic news about the crop, it is in the diary. Not posting today, foregot it was Wednesday - I'm with Julia, would be better if Christmas was always the same day of the week!! Cindy xx

  12. Just googled the hall for the crop but not sure I could manage to travel so far. I really don't travel well and now with a bad back the 4 plus hours drive away would leave me in a bad way. Such a shame as I'd love to meet you all. Only met Helen, but then she is only 10 minutes up the road. Super drawings love the cat in a heart and again how you have managed to fit in festive season imagery. Not familiar with " Glee", assuming the cheer picture has something to do with that. I'm watching the whole "Friends" series. I was familiar with it but not seen all of them and great, if not totally addictive, to watch so close together to get the full gist of it all. Looking forward to the collage a day for 2024. I've not settled on a year long project specifically as yet, we'll see. Happy New Year Hugs BJ #3

  13. i wish I was more of a traveler- I would love to be at a WOYWW crop! perhaps I can zoom in for a bit. NYR to not be afraid of the white! Happy new year- Robyn #2

  14. Hi Sarah, hope you are having a lovely festive season. I will put the Crop date in my diary. Hubby has checked his diary and he's not away for the moderation training until the following week so it's looking good. Sending happy Christmas woyww hugs, Angela x11x

  15. Crop news sounds wondergul, thank you for organising it. I hope to be there but it all depends how I get on here. .. hopefully my probs will be sorted or at least be manageable.
    Glad you could all be together and.... a bit late ..Happy birthday Mum, hope you had a lovely day
    See you next year
    Christine #6

  16. Fab and exciting news about the Crop Sarah, we are all very energised by the idea!
    Glad that you enjoyed Christmas of course, and I hope your Mum had a lovely if different day yesterday, all these 'firsts' without someone you love are very hard, especially when they're so close together! I bet the Memory cats have been really well received.
    So, happy new year to you both, and I can literally say, see you in 2024! Xx


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