Wednesday 20 September 2023

WOYWW 746: First Proper Week Back

 Wednesday has certainly rolled around quickly so it's the day to share my desk with Julia at Stamping Ground and the crew of WOYWW.

I enjoy dipping into this book so it sits near my desk if I need a break from the computer screen.
As you can see the #dailydrawing2023 is still going strong.
The play we went to see last week at the Regent in Hanley was an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  The scenery, choreography, lighting and puppetry were equally as excellent as the acting and I would highly recommend a view if it comes to a theatre near you.
This week is my first complete teaching week in school.  Monday's classes are very pleasant from my first meeting with them.  Yesterday I went over to Mum's and we spent some time sorting through Dad's clothes as we were looking for items suitable for making Memory Cats.  It would have been their 59th wedding anniversary.
Meeting after work tonight but hope to finish visiting in the morning if I don't get to you today.
Happy WOYWW everyone.


Helen said...

With everything you've had going on it is great to see you able to keep up with the daily drawings, making it seem a bit of normal! Hope your Mum is doing ok too.
Happy WOYWW Helen #1

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Good morning Sarah, loving your little pencil drawings. And I totally agree on the days flying by. Schools here started in mid August and are pretty much back to normal. Hoping to get some organizing done over the 4 days of rain they are forcasting. ENJOY

Twiglet said...

It only takes a week or so and then you feel as if you have never been away from school doesn't it. Well done on the sorting - great idea for memory cats. x x Jo

Neet said...

Good that you are back at school, it will help you. Funny you mentioning the new classes, took me back and how I used to have a butterfly flutter when facing a new class. Always that wonder what they will be like.
Pupils don't realise teachers can be nervous too.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I found sorting out my parents stuff one of the hardest things to do…I bet your mum was so glad of your help, on their anniversary date too, so hard for everyone. I liked your drawings, you got the bridle spot on!
Hugs LLJ 3 xx

BJ said...

Memory cats, how lovely. I've dug out my son's old primary school uniform for a memory bear surprise for him for Christmas. My favourite drawings today are your plaid and bridle, super detail in both. Oh and the book looks like one I'd actually read a bit of. Are they like short stories? Usually pointless me buying any books as I never read them. Have a good day at school, I really need to book a reading programme again... Hugs BJ#12

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Sarah, you're not joking Wednesday sure does come round quickly. I bet the summer holiday must feel ages ago now as you will be back to reality again. Loving the drawings and so impressed that you keep it up. Happy woyww, Angela x11x

Christine said...

So sorry you are having the dreadful sort out . . . . I just emptied it all which is something I now regret . . . so.. painful as it is, it is so worth it to share together. (((Hugs))) to Mom
The book looks interesting, I like 'pick up and put down' books.

Have a good week
Christine #15

Tracy said...

Hello Sarah 💕 you are doing fantastic with your daily drawings ✏️ especially loving your plaid and bridle 💕 I'm glad you were with your Mum when you went through your Dad's clothes, such a mix of emotions it will have been. Such comfort the memory cats will bring with your Dad's clothes used.
I hope all continues to go well at work. Sending much love and hugs Tracy #14 xxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Ouch Sarah, your poor Mum having to experience an anniversary so soon after losing your Dad, thank goodness you were on hand and able to do a positive thing, I found choosing the clothes for the memory bears really quite cathartic. I'm glad some of your classes seem nice, I still and continually take my hat off to you, I think teaching in secondary school is one of life's harshest environments! Fascinated by the quiz book, is it sort of short stories and scenarios? Are you good at solving them? I love a mystery or a whodunnit, but am rubbish at the solving!

Lynnecrafts said...

Glad your school year has started well and that you enjoyed the Neil Gaiman play. Your drawings are lovely as ever and I’m sending hugs for sorting out your Dad’s estate.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 16 xx

Crafting With Jack said...

Great drawings. I helped my MIL pack up some clothes while we were there. I was astonished at how much clothing my FIL had - and so was she! They all went to a charity wanting men’s clothes and were collected the next day. I think she was glad it was done and she didn’t have to think about it any more. Hope your mum is doing well. Happy WOYWW. Angela #10

Annie said...

I'm doing a quick whizz around my favourite blogs before I get changed to go out[will tell you more on Friday]....its all go.
I will be looking forward to making you some special cats.
Annie x

Lindart said...

Hi Sarah! We enjoy going to the theatre as well, we are going to on Friday! I haven't heard of the play you went to, sounds amazing with puppets and everything! You're drawing are coming along well, the shelves remind me of the shelves my DD has in her living room! A memory cat sounds wonderful, hope you were able to find something, and that your Mum is doing OK. Have a great week, Lindart #19

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Glad that the first week at school has started well. Haven't been to the theatre for years. Memory Cats sound wonderful. That puzzle book looks interesting, but I do struggle with puzzles now. Ali x #13

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

I just love these daily drawings *so* much!