Wednesday 15 December 2021

WOYWW 654: Last Teaching Day of 2021

 Welcome to my last teaching day WOYWW for 2021 - we are in school on Friday but it is rewards day so I shall be supervising cinema/ice skating with the Y7 pupils.

My desk shows some assessment marking as well as the daily drawing sketchbook as I am trying to get them out of the way and marked before the holidays.  The blue stamp on the reward indicates signatures for good work or effort.  You can also see my usual school day breakfast peeking out from behind the pencil case.

My daily drawings have been getting simpler and quicker now I am on the home stretch.  

I have been avoiding crowds outside school so didn't go to the footie at the weekend or the school Christmas do.  We visited my parents on Sunday and saw my brother who is now back home from 15+ years in Canada and looking for his own place.  Also finally got to meet his cat Mr Boots in person.  Looking forward to seeing them all again on Mum's birthday after Christmas as we are sticking to what we did last year on CHristmas Day itself.  Stay safe and happy WOYWW everyone. Please visit Julia at Stamping Ground if you want to know more about this weekly get together.


  1. we cancelled our Christmas do too. better be safe than sorry. I will go to Kew but there are large open spaces so I feel safe. Enjoy rewards day on Friday and enjoy your well deserved break. Helen #?

  2. Very sensible Sarah just a bit surprised at the school having a Christmas do. A friend asked me to go to the cinema the other day but I declined it's just not worth the risk if we're going to make something of Christmas for my mother. Enjoy the end. Take care my friend and happy woyww, Angela x14x

  3. How lovely to have your brother back in the UK after such a long time apart. I think it's very wise to avoid crowded events at the moment - we've just passed our panto tickets onto someone else and will have a guest-free Christmas like last year, whilst keeping absolutely everything crossed that by next Christmas everything will be pretty much back to normal!
    Hope you have lovely week and enjoy Rewards day - it sounds like fun.
    Diana xx #12

  4. Everyone just has to do what they’re comfy with and I agree that parties should be the first thing to be careful about. How fab that your brother is back, so good to see him and Mr Boots (does he miaow in a Canadian accent?)
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  5. Glad you’re staying safe Sarah. I love your daily drawings but I can’t get the bridge one, unless it’s the end of one?
    Glad you got to see your brother and Mr Boots. Bella and Gracie send purrs.
    Take care, stay safe and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 3

  6. Thanks Sarah for your visit. I enjoy your drawings on FB Your good news on family gatherings sounds like here, it will just be us, maybe 1/2 day with only sister in town. it's another mess all our hospitals are full. What do they think 40 / 50 thousand each weekend at football/basketball games all over the USA, just crazy. Enjoy your break stay safe See you next week.

  7. So, instead of going to work on an egg, you go on an apple? Very sensible but i would be hungry.
    How lovely to have your brother back here and how sensible to avoid crowds when you can.
    Hugs (stay safe) Neet 6 xx

  8. I do like your red pencil holder! I'm amazed that you're still keeping up with your daily challenge, never missing a beat! I hope to see a photo of Mr Boots if you can get one - did he have to travel in the cargo hold of a plane all the way from Canada? Happy #654! xx zsuzsa #17

  9. How lovely to have your brother back from Canada. Did he just decide he missed the UK? Canada is somewhere I have always fancied going. Unless I get my own Tardis I won’t though. Happy WOYWW Angela #11

  10. Loving your drawings. Alex finishes on Friday lunchtime and I finish in the evening so hopefully we will be safe... Lots of LFT happening here! Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#16)

  11. Hope Rewards Day goes well and everyone stays healthy! We'll be having a quiet Christmas, too.
    Take care!
    Carol N #21

  12. How nice to have your brother home after so long away. I hope he gets settled into a new home soon. Mr Boots is a really great name for a cat. Given the speed with which the new Covid variant is spreading many Christmas celebrations are being cancelled or postponed here. My grandson's work have cancelled the planned party after what our First Minister had to say recently. He says there's always next year. I like the words printed on the red bag. Keep safe and stay healthy. Hugs, Elizabeth x #18

  13. Good for you avoiding the crowds, if everyone took the sensible approach there wouldn't be the need for all this legislation. Do give Russian a go on Duolingo, it's a fun App. A bit bemused by your "bridge" drawing this week, maybe I've lost it LOL BJ#20


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