Friday 17 December 2021

Daily Drawing - Latest Round Up

 Less than a month to go now and I will have sucessfully completed the challenge I set myself at the start of 2021 to draw every day.  Here's the latest round up.

An easy resonse as I use these every day for work and play.
I am trying to lose weight so virtual cake is a good substitute lol.
I didn't get the perspective right with this one.
A deliberate choice not to go with the more obvious festive response.
In keeping with up and down last month.
Lava lamps fascinate me and I drawn plenty of boats this year.
I love the 3D effect this technique creates.
Definitely part of the daily routine!
For taking my lunch to work!
More rain than sun recently sadly.
Well I do play the violin.
Starting to get a festive feel.
I am trying to keep well hydrated every day.
I have three!
No self portraits lol.
Another quick and simple sketch.  Only 15 more before I have completed my challenge.

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