Thursday 31 December 2015

Place Mat Present: Part 1

I made many of my family's Christmas gifts this year.  For my two sisters I decorated each of them a set of MDF coasters by Creative Expressions.  I made them double sided, so that they had a choice of which side up to show.  This is the first set.

I glued the base together with acrylic glue before I coated it with gesso - two layers with time to dry in between.  The Rich Oak Shimmer Paint needed two coats for a really rich even finish.

I didn't gesso the coasters, but I did coat both sides with matt medium and allowed them to dry before gluing the decoupage papers into place.  I cut each piece slightly larger than the coaster, using a file to neaten the edges.  Once dry I added another layer of matt medium to seal the top.  Once the first side was completely dry, I did the same with the other pattern of decoupage paper on the reverse side. 
 I liked the contrast between the brighter Watercolour Garden pattern and the more muted Travel Stamps.  To finish, I glued some of the felt in milk white from Creative Expressions to the bottom of the holder and trimmed round with scissors.

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