Monday 1 May 2023

A Year of Daily Drawings: A Third of the Way

With April over I am now a third of the way through the daily drawing challenge that I have set myself this year.  Here is a round up of the second half of April.

Straight forward.
Another easy response.
I can never resist crisps!
Another quick and easy response.
The pyramids of Giza.
I didn't follow the YouTube video but I did use the picture as a guide.
The first thing that came to mind.
The result of being stuck in traffic the previous day.
One strand of a chain link fence.
Another easy one.
I thought I'd interpret this prompt a little differently.
I don't want to!
I didn't follow the tutorial but found an easy picture to copy (see HERE).
Sorry for the earworm!
I don't suppose you open many stable doors to find a unicorn!

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aussie aNNie said...

Cool drawings and so interestng x